Let me make myself perfectly clear.

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Your mouth, lips, tongue, fingers, and cock are for Me.

They are to satisfy my needs.

And honey, right now?  I.  Need.

I need to cover your lips in cream and drip my juices down your chin.

There are times my toys are not enough.  Right now, I need you.  You, my favorite toy.

Pleasure me.

I need to fuck your mouth, your tongue, your fingers, your cock.

It’s hot.  I’m hot.  Burning up.  My pussy is on fire.

I am a woman in heat.

I need…


I need to cum.

And honey, once is not going to be enough.

Nor is twice.

I need to cum.  Do you understand?

Multiple times.

I.  Need.

And tonight…

Tonight is about my needs.

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Yes, there are definitely times I need a… “Hug”. 😉

      A full-body, deep penetration, make-me-cum kind of hug.

      Yes. Definitely need that. 😀


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