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It started with a suggestion from a kindred heart.  And so I sought you out.

As soon as I read what you’d written, I knew.  I knew.

You were an ocean; I was compelled to explore your depths.

And so I tested the waters.

I left you a message.

And waited.


For a heartbeat.


Maybe two.



And then…

“The word for ‘snow’ in the language of my people . . .”

So began your reply to my inquiry, and the conversation that blossomed from that seed has bloomed over the course of nine seasons into the most beautiful friendship I have ever known.

The are no words to describe everything you have become to me.

You are my intimate.

My confidante.

My most cherished spirit twin.

Happy birthday, my sweet Kanienke.



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  1. kanienke

    I am so lucky that you found me and I have never met such a kindred soul before. I am a difficult person to fully know and understand because parts of me are too far out there for people to accept. Most people want only a small part of me and want to pretend the rest does not exist.

    I feel whole and complete in your friendship and loved and accepted in a way that is unique. And you know what it is like to be unique and different and misunderstood. You know what it is like to be placed in a box that can never contain you because you roam and stretch and explore and change too.

    What a lucky thing it is, to share the richness of my life with you, not having to fear that you will pretend parts of me don’t exist. I need to be seen. And heard. And felt. And embraced.

    And you do all those things so well.