Fight or Fuck

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Despite my agitation, my irritation, my temper…  I’m feeling generous this morning.

So I’ll let you pick which one it’s going to be.

Choose wisely.

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0 thoughts on “Fight or Fuck

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Engraved red lettering on ninja throwing stars. With matching nunchucks (numb chucks?) and a side of Too Wong Fu.

      I think there might just be a market for that, Ret. Feel like starting a little business? 😉

  1. basdenleco

    Does one really have a choice?
    A fuck is a great way of releasing tension.
    But is there a more underlying rationale for posing the question?
    Does one really want the fight and then make up sex?

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      There is always a choice ~ in everything, regardless of the circumstances ~ even if the only choice you have is in how you respond.

      To clarify the ‘rationale’ a bit, though: Sometimes I get into a… mood, shall we say… and every little thing gets under my skin until I am a sharp-tongued snappish ball of aggressive tension. Not angry, just… Tense. High strung. Desperately in need of an outlet.

      When that happens, the one thing I need my partner to do for me is to not back down. Because there are only two ways to get me out of that head space: fight me, or fuck me. Until I’m sated.

      And for the record: Never in my life have I had make-up sex. Nor do I have sex with anyone – including myself – when I’m hurt or angry. I don’t believe in it.

      1. wildoats1962

        I agree with you about the make up sex. I haven’t either. I think it links bad feelings to good feelings in an unhealthy way. Pavlov’s dog starts salivating when you ring the doorbell. I don’t think it’s good to get horny when you’re fighting mad.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      “Right” choices are like baseball bats. Sometimes you don’t realize their importance until you’re hit upside the head with one. 😛