I came…

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…just now…

with a moan and a sigh,
taut and shivering, bowed
in a rippling shudder

drenched and quivering
in my own
liquid lightning,
with a flood and a spark,

I came

with your name
on my lips.

You’re so far away.

Yet the echo of the wind against my windowpane makes me wonder,
in the silence of the miles

Did you hear me?

When I came,
it was for

Perhaps we are not so distant after all.

0 thoughts on “I came…

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      That makes me grin. 😀

      Ha! I just had an absurd thought… I can picture the advertising posters now:

      NEW team sport for the 2015 Sex-lympics: Long-Distance Orgasming! 😛


      (Don’t mind me; I’m a little loopy this morning…)

  1. wildoats1962

    Must be one of those sports where there are team and individual competitions. When there’s money at stake I think it’s about $4.99 a minute. One thing I’ve never got into was phone sex or the sounds of sex. I suspect thin walls during my childhood made me aware and when I was old enough to know what the noise was it made me self conscious. It became more of a turn off for me. My wife really gets into the sounds. She isn’t vocal herself but she gets into hearing others. The clip from “When Harry met Sally” would probably ruin porn for her.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Perhaps it would be like tennis: singles and doubles? Or a relay race type thing could be interesting… Though I’m not very quick about getting to the finish line.

      Sound can be a turn-on for me but it can also be a major distraction. Thin walls at hotels can be a positive or a negative. I am vocally expressive though, so while I am *able* (and willing, if circumstances require it) to be quiet, it’s not my default setting. And any sound my partner makes gets my immediate and unrestricted attention. 🙂


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