A Unique Angle (on love and elbows)

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“You,” he drawls soft and low into my ear as we are spooned together, his hot hard cock resting against the small of my back, “have…”

“Mmmm…?”  I ask as he trails off, my thoughts adrift in my cuddle-zen space.

He caresses my arm, stopping midway to brush his fingertips against the bend, and leans in closer.

I turn my head and grin at the expression I see over my shoulder.  Impish faux innocence stares back at me with twinkling eyes.

“You have,” he repeats, still stroking the bend in my arm, “beautiful elbows.”

I dislodge his hold with my full-body belly laugh at this announcement and when I turn my body to face him he pulls me in to him.

“Elbows?!”  I am laughing so hard, tears spring from my eyes.  “I have beautiful elbows?!”

“Yes.”  He nods sagely, trying for a somber declaration, but the quiet rumble of his silent laugh vibrating against my chest gives him away.

“You say the darnedest things.”


The humor is still there in his eyes, but along with it now is heat, and his voice is serious, sincere.

“Mmm…?”  I blink up at him with a soft smile.  “Well…?”

“Every inch of you is beautiful to me,” he replies.

His voice is playful but his face is serious.  My whole body smiles when he talks to me this way.

“My elbows…”  My lips quirk at the notion.  “Well, that’s…”


“Yes,” I agree.  “Definitely unique.”

“Every inch of you is beautiful to me,” he repeats, “and I never want you to forget that you are uniquely loved.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am grateful for a great many things this Thanksgiving day.
Chief among them is the knowledge that I am, indeed, uniquely loved.

If I have one wish for each of you today, it is that you know that kind of joy for yourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you (American or otherwise), from all of Me.


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