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Don’t confuse What You Do with Who You Are.

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      “Tell me about yourself” is a common ‘question’ in job interviews. I am always dumbfounded when people either (a) don’t know what to say, or (b) can only describe themselves in terms of their jobs. “I’m a florist.” “I’m a line operator.” “I’m in advertising.” Or – and to my way of thinking, this is worse – they ‘answer’ the question with something along the lines of “I have three kids.” And I think… Bully for you. Now

      I am equally dumbfounded when interviewers falter at my typical response, which is “What, precisely, would you like to know?” But then, very few people seem to understand that the interview process is a two way street. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the one doing the hiring, or you’re the one trying to get hired; each party is interviewing the other.

      1. wildoats1962

        The interview is indeed two way. I’ve worked at the same place 27 years, I’ve been married 19, which is the bigger part of one’s life. I don’t define myself as my job nor do I define myself by my wife. {or kids}.