I have stories.

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I have stories.  They are written on my skin in creases and lines, tattoos and scars.  My body helps me remember and won’t allow me to forget.

I have a birthday.  It marks, today, an odd number of years I have spent on this earth.  I am aging.  It is a gift.

I have an ancient spirit and an elfin smile.  I am mischief and widsom, sparkle and depth.  I am older than the past and younger than the future.  I am timeless.

I have an agile mind and arthritic limbs; life is, after all, nothing if not an exercise in balance.

I have a steel spine and a silken soul.  Formidable softness and threaded strength.  Test me at your own risk.

I have a voice.

I have music.

I have dreams.

I have nightmares.  Some Most of them are real.

I have words.  Try as I might, I don’t always use them wisely.  It is this failing in myself that makes it difficult for me to forgive this fault in others.

I have flaws.

I have a mouth made for kissing.

I have weight.  I do not throw it around, and I pull my own.

I have hair.  It is not as thick as it once was.  But it is long and soft and, like my heart, it is unruly.  I am not afraid to let it down once in a while.

I have fun.

I have a depth of humor that comes from a breadth of experience.  Sarcasm does not amuse me.  It is bred of pain and contempt.  There is too much of both in the world, and I have had my fill.

I have joy.

I have sorrow.

I have responsibilities.  I take them seriously.

I have a past.  I do not dwell there.

I have a house.

I have a home that is not defined by the four walls within which I live.

I have a full cupboard yet I have hungers that will never be satisfied.  I am insatiable. Thirsty.  Knowledge is a craving; sex is sustenance.

I have a voracious appetite for life.  Feast with me.  Tell me your stories.

I have stories.

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This is my 499th post on this blog.  The albatross of 500 hangs heavily around my neck.  It shouldn’t be A Thing.  Especially since traditional milestones are something I typically care very little about.  But for some reason it is.  Perhaps I am wondering what I am (still) doing here (after all this time).

This piece started out in my head as “I have a blog…” and was inspired by middleagebutch‘s post, I have a desk.  Which was inspired by another writer’s I have a horse.  And so on and so forth.

But when I started writing, I realized…

I have a great many things.  Intangible and precious and not easily identified or defined.  Thus, the birth of “I have stories…”

If I were to add anything to what is written above, it would be this:

I have faith.

I have love.

And I have the freedom to practice both in the manner I choose.

I make it a point to always remember that.

What do you have?

© Mrs Fever – Temperature’s Rising

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  1. Jamie Ray

    Happy Birthday and Happy 499. Odd numbered birthdays are great as long as they don’t have a 5 in them. I’m not crazy about birthdays that double as speed limits.

    500 posts is amazing. I have a little over 100 and I closed my eyes and pretended not to notice the 100th post when I had to publish it. In general I don’t like milestones of any sort – including anniversaries (and the difficulty in a non-marriage of deciding where to start-i.e. when we first slept together- and how to count – not to mention what happens if we get married after 30 years are we newlyweds?). But I digress….I can’t imagine making it to 500 posts.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. 🙂 And I’m grinning at your speed limit observation. Especially since now I’m starting to fully comprehend my mother’s meaning when she started saying, “I’m slowing down.” I prefer a more sedate pace these days for sure… But I definitely have a lead foot. 😉

      I completely understand the ‘close your eyes and pretend not to notice’ thing. My eldest nephew will soon be 25. It’s a “speed limit” that is making me cringe.

      Non-standard (for lack of a better term) milestones are one of my favorite things. My spouse and I celebrate what we call “Day One” (the official start, so to speak, of Us ~ no sex involved) every year. We are a bit lackadaisical about the more traditional stuff.

      Congratulations on 30 years together (seriously, that’s AMAZING) with Donna. 🙂

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I figure Levi’s already has the corner on that market. 😉

          And now I’ve got “Love in an Elevator” playing in my head. Gooooiiiing Dooooooowwwwwn… Good ole Steven Tyler. He’s who I think of whenever I run across someone with a big mouth. 😀

  2. basdenleco

    To la belle Mrs Fever,
    Sincere congratulations on achieving another birthday with aplomb, pose and grace coexisting with “a walk on the wild side…” to keep people guessing.
    500th Blog,
    Do you dare to reveal your deepest fantasy…

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. 🙂

      Yes, I’ve got a streak of feral in me. I’m about as wild as a…

      …kitten. 😉

      Hmmm… I’ll give your fantasy idea some thought. I’m not much good at fantasy, generally speaking. But it’s an interesting suggestion. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  3. The Suburban Domme

    Happy birthday!
    Another “have”……you have:
    Tenaciousness in the form of a grit that is admirable and inspirational.
    It’s that tenaciousness…….that will have you kicking 500’s ass. 😉

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. 🙂

      Just call me Rooster Cogburn. 😉

      And when I first read that bit about 500’s ass, I thought you were accusing me of kicking 500 asses… I was like, “But I love animals! I’ve never kicked a donkey in my life!” 😛

      Coffee… Must find coffee… o_O

      1. The Suburban Domme

        *~Mental image~*
        Of Lady Feve
        In a “Queen” type birthday party crown…
        *Chasing asses…. around the island*

        Lawdy……gonna be giggling over this one for a while.

        (Giggling with you…not at you 😉 )

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Bwuaaahahahaha! YES! 😀

          A birthday crown and cowboy boots. With spurs! Chasing asses all over the island. 😛

          Well, SOMEBODY has to keep the neighbors entertained, right?! 😉

  4. wildoats1962

    Happy Birthday! I’m odd at any age or in any age. I am under 200 on the number of posts though. I don’t really know how many posts I have at the other place. I look forward to number 500.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. It turns out you and I are not the only Pisces in this fishbowl. Most people don’t put a lot of stock in astrology, but I have to say, the people I have the most affinity with tend to be water signs. ????

      I’m a little shocked by the number of posts I have here, honestly. I moved to WordPress not quite three years ago though, so I’ve been here a while. And I do have periods where I post almost daily; it just depends on what’s going on in my head (and in my life – sometimes my schedule gets a bit crowded and/or I take a break and unplug) and whether I’m in the mood.

      “Aren’t you ALWAYS ‘in the mood’?” asks Smotch.


      And although I’m not a bettin’ gal, I like your odds, Wild. 🙂

  5. Jayne

    Happy Happy Birthday!! I’m late to the party but I have no less enthusiasm. I am here to make sure to tell you that this weekend is YOUR Birthday Weekend so you still have 2 more days to celebrate. I’m thinking that you will have no problem with that. I wish you love and more love. I want to add that you have a great and true heart. I’m glad to be able to call you friend. Thanks for being there. xo, Jayne


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