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Welcome to the Daytona Fever 500.


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (my whiskered one is a troublemaker) are Good Things, but if I was to sing a song about my favorite things (and I *do* sing, as you will see when you scroll down), I would not include bright copper kettles (copper rusts) and warm woolen mittens (allergic to wool!) among my favorites.

And just what would you include, Feve? you are wondering.

As if I wouldn’t tell you.


(kidding, I’m kidding… ¬†there are only ten)

Nicknames: ¬†There is something special about nicknames, when they are developed between two people. ¬†Being bestowed a nickname by a friend or lover – one that is exclusive to the two of you, sui generis – is an intimate and unique way of sharing a story, your story, and the symbolism gets stronger as time goes by. Terms of endearment are dear to me as well, especially when I know that they are mine alone to say or to hear, but there is something about a nickname that takes it one step further. ¬†It is somehow more powerful. ¬†Perhaps because it is something that belongs only to the¬†entity that is defined as “Us” (whoever that ‘Us” may consist of). ¬†There is, after all, something to be said for pride of ownership.

kissy faceSnuggles:  I am of two extremes about touch.  For the most part, I am a hands-OFF kind
of girl. ¬†But physical touch is one of my love languages, so with the people I care about – people who are “my” people – I can be¬†a cuddly bunny. ¬†(The kitty is an excellent snuggler, by the the way.) ¬†It is rare for me to find people who ‘match’ me in that way, but when I do… ¬†Well, let’s just say the term “wrapped up in you” can be taken literally.


Conversations:¬† The kind that free-flow with the tide of thought. ¬†These are rare gems. ¬†When people can just relax and not try to justify or convince or persuade or soapbox, but just… ¬†Talk. ¬†Think. ¬†Share. ¬†Question. ¬†Answer with more than one word. ¬†Engage. ¬†Listen. ¬†Truly listen, without argument or judgment, but with the goal of understanding. ¬†Let one concept or word or phrase or idea spark another and then another and another. ¬†I have had the pleasure of experiencing those kinds of exchanges at various times throughout my life, and some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have been with other bloggers.

Link Shares: ¬†I love it when people share links with me. ¬†An article, a song, a quote, and info page, a photo. ¬†I like it any time (provided it’s well-intentioned), but I especially like it if it is done post-conversation (see above), because it shows me they are thinking about the things we discussed, and that shows me – in a tangible way – that they are invested. ¬†I also love post-conversation ‘follow-up’ emails. ¬†Particularly¬†when those emails include additional information about something we discussed.

Old Hollywood: ¬†I am a fan of classic movies, particularly from the 1930s to the 1950s. I¬†grew up on Cary Grant and John Wayne and know entirely too much about Katharine Hepburn and Myrna Loy. ¬†The fact that the studios (back when there were hundreds of¬†them) used to put out a movie a week and that a month-long shooting schedule was¬†considered an exorbitant expense… ¬†Five days to three weeks was the average production schedule, start to finish. ¬†It’s mind boggling. ¬†Watch The Maltese Falcon some time and keep that little tidbit back of mind¬†throughout. ¬†Or His Girl Friday. ¬†There is no one in modern movies who can compare to the directorial genius of Huston or Hawks.

"Is your husband working on a case?" a reporter asks. "Yes," replies Nora Charles. "A case of scotch."

The Detecting Couple of the Martini Era: “Is your husband working on a case?” a reporter asks. “Yes,” replies Nora Charles. “A case of scotch.”

And the lines! ¬†Ironic: ¬†“How dare he make love to me and NOT be a married man!” shouts an irate Ingrid Bergman. ¬†Even more¬†ironic, but in a completely different way: ¬†“Put me in your pocket, Mike,” says Katharine Hepburn, breathless. ¬†Sigh. ¬†Love ~ LOVE¬†~ LOVE¬†old movies.

(I love quotable movies in general, and there are some more modern ones that I enjoy ~ Galaxyquest, anyone? ~ but classic Hollywood takes the cake.)

Music: ¬†I am particular in my varied tastes, and I do not think of music as background noise. ¬†It is something I focus on, something I listen to. ¬†It is not a distraction, it is an activity unto itself. ¬†I can perform tasks (driving, cleaning the house, etc) to a “soundtrack” of sorts, but if I am listening to music, that is exactly what I am doing. ¬†I am not filling the silence with white noise while I concentrate on some ‘greater’ task. ¬†And when I like an artist, I hear something new every time I hear their cuts, no matter how many times I’ve heard the same track before. ¬†There is an art to listening. ¬†And listen, I do. ¬†It could be a manifestation of my ADD/OCD tendencies working in tandem that jacks up my senses in this way. ¬†Or perhaps it¬†is a result of my classical training. ¬†I am a musician. ¬†I married a musician. ¬†I play two instruments, and I sing. ¬†I belt out lines from little-known songs at random times. ¬†I hum softly to myself, or carry a tune in my head, almost all the time. ¬†If you talk to me on the phone for any length of time, you will hear me sing. ¬†I carry lyrics in the pockets of my memory, and I have lived a life creating¬†harmony in dissonance. ¬†Music is an emotional experience for me, and often a physical one. ¬†It is also intensely personal. ¬†I won’t go to just *any* concert, and I certainly won’t go *to* a concert with just anyone. ¬†Live music is especially potent in its effects. ¬†I laugh and I cry. ¬†I sway my hips and raise my hands and hold my breath and move my feet. ¬†I experience music. Actively. ¬†Someone who once loved me told me¬†I was his favorite song. ¬†It is one of the most uniquely tailored compliments I have ever received.

Books:  I love books.  Real books.  I love the feel of them in my hands.  There is something special about holding bound spines and turning pages.  Books tell stories beyond what is inked on the pulp they contain.  Reading fuels my imagination.  I devour books with a voracious appetite, and I collect a genre that may surprise you.

Date Nights:  My husband and I get very few of these.  But when we do, we set about discovering new things together, and we learn new things about each other in the process.  I am lucky enough to be married to somebody who cares about experiences.  We share them.

This is a 1% representation of my nightly reality. Cameras can never do the colors justice.

Sunsets: ¬†I’ve been asked why I prefer sunsets to sunrises. ¬†It could be a matter of which¬†coast I live on – the sun doesn’t rise with much oomph in my neck of the woods. ¬†{It could also be that I’m not a morning person. ¬†The sun peeking through curtains means I have to get out of bed. ¬†Five more minutes, Feve mumbles, burying deeper into the covers. ¬†I don’ wanna get up. ¬†ūüėČ } ¬†There is something poignantly symbolic about watching the sun go down. ¬†The inevitability of the end, I guess. ¬†And every sunset is different. ¬†The western sky is ablaze every night with hues of pink and orange and colors undefinable. ¬†Sometimes it is a golden glow; other times it is a purple haze. ¬†No two are the same. ¬†Yet every one is beautiful. ¬†And, just as in the cycles of life, the end of each day is a natural requirement for the beginning of another. ¬†Sometimes there is relief; sometimes there is sadness. ¬†Always there is the assurance that a bright light will be on the morning’s east horizon.

Orgasms: ¬†If I said one of my favorite things was sex, you’d say, “Duh.” ¬†But really… ¬†Sex, in and of itself, is NOT one of my favorite things. ¬†(Gasp!) ¬†Because, truthfully… ¬†It’s not the act of sex (intercourse has its place and its purpose, but there is very little joy for me in simply fucking) I like so much as the orgasm. ¬†I like having them and sharing them. ¬†Granting them. ¬†Demanding them. ¬†Denying them. ¬†Controlling them. ¬†I like listening to my lovers, watching them when they cum. ¬†I like being asked for orgasms. ¬†Building them. ¬†Delaying them. ¬†Gifting them. ¬†Experiencing the release. ¬†I like the hitch in his breath, the involuntary twitch in my legs, the strain and the pleas and the desperate wanting that pushes us both over the edge. ¬†I like the slow dance and the fast ride and the Now, please please NOW and the Cum for me, baby. ¬†*shiver* ¬†Yes,¬†orgasms are most definitely one of my favorite things.



What are your favorite things, hmmm?

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  1. wildoats1962

    There are similarities and differences between us. I’m very visual. I really like watching orgasms. Oral sex provides a good vantage point.

    The university library had about a half a million books. A friend of mine and I looked through the stacks to see what was the book that had been sitting on the shelves the longest without being checked out. Teaching Mathematics In Prussia had not been checked out in 97 years. I intended to go back and check it out when it reached 100 but I couldn’t find it.

    A common thread in your list would be “Real” things. I like real things even if reality gets in the way. I certainly free flow about everything. A high school English teacher made a very insightful comment about gift giving. Paraphrasing since this was about 40 years ago, if someone has an obvious need, ie winter clothes etc, you give them that. Otherwise give something of yourself. Whatever talent you have, use that to give a gift because then it contains a part of you.

    And it’s less messy than sending Van Gogh’s ear.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      You were top of mind when I was thinking about conversations. And I agree with your high school English teacher. She (I assume it was a she) and I have something in common besides our way of thinking, you know. ūüôā

      You don’t already have “Teaching Mathematics in Prussia” in your personal collection? (Gasp!) I’m shocked! {And I wonder where it went. It seems an odd title to disappear off the shelves. Do you think the library got rid of it?}

      I like to watch orgasms. But only when it’s for me. It has to be personal. Listening, though… The sounds of sex are a turn-on for me, whether someone is cumming *for* me or not. Hotel rooms have notoriously thin walls, no matter how swank. If I’m gonna be stuck in a hotel, I’d rather listen to fucking than to any other kind of noise.

  2. Jamie Ray

    Julie Andrews, in The Sound of Music, was my first celebrity crush. I wanted to be one of the Trapp boys and have her make me lederhosen out of curtains. I was six.

    In terms of my favorite things – the ones that stand out are harmony (Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Indigo Girls, The Weavers, Simon and Garfunkel), playing/swimming in the ocean, and drinking cold beers on the first warm day at the dog run. I’ll also add putting my head in Donna’s lap while we listen to music, and making Gracie do silly tricks to get cheese.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I remember watching that movie for the first time. The look on VonTrapp’s face when he realizes that the “local urchins” he’s just seen clamoring about in the trees are actually *his* children! The horror!

      I admire Julie Andrews’ talent. The Sound Of Music and Mary Poppins are two of the most fantastic musicals ever made. And it was Andrews who ‘made’ those movies. It’s sad she can no longer sing.

      I’m with you on harmony. There is something haunting about voices that tune to each other so perfectly. Family members who sing together tend to have an especially fine-tuned ear for one another’s voices. Have you ever heard Phil and Tim Hanseroth (“The Twins” in Brandi Carlile’s band) cover Simon & Garfunkel?

      Listen to what she says at the end of their performance. It makes me chuckle. Because, truth. ūüėČ

  3. Domina Jen

    I’m exactly the same way with books. I’ve never gotten into the whole e-reader thing. There’s just something great about holding a physical book. Turning real pages, like you said. Whenever I look at ebooks, it just feels fake. I equate it to drinking wine out of a coffee cup. It just doesn’t feel right.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Yes! It’s just not the same. It’s like the visual equivalent of books on tape or something.

      I am admittedly anti-tech though. If it’s computerized, pretty much… Let’s just say my mere presence causes techno-gadgets to blow up.

      There’s something charmingly concrete about inked paper, and not only in books. I have a collection of correspondence that is decades old. And I’m the only person I know who still writes letters. As in, hand-written, addressed, and stamped. So maybe I’m just old fashioned. Shrug. ūüôā

      1. Domina Jen

        I know what you mean! I love writing letters. And real, handwritten thank you notes. Or get-well-soon notes. Anything. It’s sad, though. No one ever does it anymore. I can’t tell you how many “thank you notes” I’ve gotten as Facebook status updates that I’m tagged in. And a little piece of my soul dies every time.

  4. Talia Hardy

    Hello. I enjoyed reading your frank discussion about orgasms. It seems you and I have similar feelings about intimacy. It was nice to read about you and your husband sharing things, another kind of intimacy absent from my life. But that is a life choice.

    Thanks for reading my poem.

    Regards Talia.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Welcome! You will find that I tend to be frank as a general rule, and not just about orgasms. ūüôā

      Intimacy is a curious thing, as it feeds – and is fed by – different needs and different desires between different people at different times. I don’t think of intimacy as physical, at least not purely so. The word is used all too often as a euphemism for sex though, which is a politesse I refuse to indulge. (Somehow “We are intimate” has become a faux-sophisticated way of saying, “We have sexual relations” but I find it ironic, because sex alone is NOT particularly intimate, nor does it require intimacy – which, at its heart, is TRUST – to engage in. Think: gigolos, call girls, and porn actors.) Maintaining intimacy ~ emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, sexual ~ is one of the hardest things to do in a long-term relationship, because intimacy itself is dynamic, and our need(s) for it is/are dynamic as well.

      But I digress. We were talking about orgasms, yes? ūüėČ I do so enjoy a good orgasm. ūüėÄ

      1. Talia Hardy

        Ha! I become orgasm when I read Heaney’s or Lawerence’s poetry. you often hear me shouting ‘yes, yes, oh bloody hell, Yes’ when their words stimulate my erogenous zones.-Did I mention I’m a geek?

        Take care.


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