Say My Name

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Just three syllables, tripping off your tongue in ragged breaths released…

Please please please
(Yes you may)

Oh God more
(My sweet boy)

I need you
(I’m right here)

I’m gonna…
(Yes you are)

But-but… but…
(Shhhh… Give me)

Yes… Please yes…
(Cum for me)

Ohhh… BABY…
(Say My Name)

The shuddering of your body and the too-fast beat of your heart create the rhythm to which your cheeks flush hot from the dance of your hands; arms open to pull me in and eyelids fluttering shut, your whisper tickles those three syllables once more against my ear.


How I love
the way you
say my name.

0 thoughts on “Say My Name

  1. wildoats1962

    There are times when I enjoy my partner’s orgasm even more than my own. My ego inflates when I think their orgasm was caused by me. That’s all the more reason to make it as intense as possible. The wet spot on the bed should be a full sized silhouette in sweat.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      “All for me” is suuuuuuch a huge turn on for this girl. (Note that I did not say “all *about* me” – there is a difference.) 😀

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