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of skin,
and sun-warmed, sliding

tongues and lips lazily
tracing tattooed

undulate in an intricately detailed dance behind

with lust.

Sway with me to the rhythm of rope
and blade, harsh breaths
caught in throats tight with choked
need; step to the bass
of heartbeats thrumming the tempo of arousal, seductive.

Spin – bottom becomes top
and back again – to the sigh
of rests

between measures,

and move…

Give me
ragged breaths
from shaken souls,
trembling limbs from effort
spent, invested
fingertips floating over
taut pink and whispers white against the night.

Push me
your hard and dare me
your dark;  I’ll paint
your night with the spectrum of my essence,

and when the morning
cravings come,

you’ll not remember

a time
before you hungered after
anything but


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