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Rosario Beach State Park

restless souls spur legs

onward, upward, together

to new perspectives

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        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I’ve been restless lately, edgy. We took a much-needed excursion today and spent some reviving hours in the great outdoors. I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds us. Occasionally a glimmer of those gorgeous views can be caught on camera. 🙂

          Enjoy your time by the water!

          1. Ann St. Vincent

            Delightful to get out when you need to. It’s so good for us!

            I have two weeks off and I rented a house on the ocean…it’s on a small cove so I don’t have the sounds of the waves which I really love. But it’s gorgeous. I’m here with my son and some other family members come and go over the next two weeks.

            My ex was always a disaster when it came to planning trips so one thing I’m loving now that I’m single is I can decide and just do it (once I have his permission for encroaching on his time with his kid!). It’s bliss 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      It is. The waters in the cove are sooooo much calmer than the churning abyss under the bridge!

      My husband likes the beach; I like the trees. He plays Turtle to my Bear. 🙂 But we both love the water. It is refreshing in more ways than one.

  1. The Suburban Domme


    The following is
    restless souls spur legs

    onward, upward, together

    to new perspectives


    Yeah…THAT’S the word for it…all of it!

    (Yeah I’m late on the word thing…so I got tqo bird with one stone…or three?
    Cuz we firdamnshore needed a better word than erotic(a) for what you write!)

      1. The Suburban Domme

        Cool 🙂 I think it fits perfect!!

        The pic is gorgeous. It ~almost~ makes me miss the west PNW. 😉

        (I’m more an east coast shore gurl or way down in the Gulf gal.)

        Quoted from another reply:
        He plays Turtle to my Bear

        That gave me a big smile. It just seems to fit everything I have learned about you two since I started reading your blog.