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I lie awake, enveloped in the pre-dawn dark, thoughts wandering and limbs restless.  My mind and body are of one accord – both are determinedly ON – and despite my exhaustion I cannot will myself to sleep.  Far too tantalizing are the fantasies that fixate my attention, as well too damning the doubts that plague me, and I find myself wondering – not for the first time – what it is you want.

“You” is not the answer (though I want you too).

But what, love, do you want?

I want…

Impossible things.

Beautiful, filthy, terrible, dirty, frightening things.

But I am also a lover of simple things, sweet and seductive, and I want….

Oh, I want.

I want to taste.  The salt of your skin, the wet of your mouth, the hard of your arousal.

I want to feel.  The heat of your touch, the firm of your grip, the urgency of your need.

I want to wake your lust, to own it, to drive you to the edge again and again, to make you shake with need for me, to hear your pleas – your please – and draw them out, to savor your response from dawn til dusk.

I want to burn with you, to feel the heat in my belly and the flush in my skin, the scorch of your mouth on my nipples, the combustion of our bodies coming – cumming, again and again – together.

I want to hear you beg.  For mercy.  For more.  To stop.  To not.  To cum.

I want you to cum for me.

I want you to make me cum for you.

I want your name on my lips to be sweet music to your ears, and mine on yours to be your favorite song.

I want…

Oh, how I want.

I want to feel you suckle me.  To feel the flat of your tongue lave my nipples, pulling gently in a kneading rhythm, as though your sole (soul) sustenance depends on it.

Drink me.

Eat me.


Delve inside my creamy wet and taste my desire on your tongue.

Fill me.

Stretch me.

Push me.

I want…

I want your fingers, your mouth, your lips, your tongue, your cock.  I want your tenderness and your tenacity, your fears, your fantasies.  Your time.  Your touch.

I want to leave my mark you.  To do, with you, things that are new for us both.

I want to rock you to sleep at night.  And in the morning, with your cock heavy and hard – for me, inside me – I want to feel you rock me awake.

I want to hear your shudders and sighs, your sharp intakes of breaths and long exhales, your whimpers, your moans.

I want…

So many things.

I want you.

So many ways.

Tell me…

What do you want?

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Whoa. Got it. Yeesh, Mr McShouty- Pants. 😛

      Chris wants passion. Errr… PASSION.

      In ALL CAPS even. 😉

      I hope you get what you want. Glad you liked. 🙂


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