Cum for me…

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I am liquid slick, boiled down under the flame of your fingers. Molten, steamy. Slow burn reduction, simmering under your touch. I am raw senses and quivering heat, pinprick pleasure and delicious, dripping ache. On fire for you.

I feel the grip of your fingertips on my hips, pulling me back against your swollen cock, thick with need for me, and with desire for you thick in my throat, I oblige the demand of your hands with wiggling hips, backing onto your hard by inches, til finally I am… a l m o s t… There.

:: breathe ::

And with a deep inhale and a tilt of my coccix, I arch my back briefly before pressing my belly down and my ass back, taking you to the hilt.

There is no space left between us; not even a light could get through, and I’m hanging by a thread here in this moment. You press into me with a primal groan, the head of your cock kissing my widening cervix, and I am lost…

To demanding strokes and fist-clenched sheets, to trembling thighs and shushing caresses, to the sweat, to the softness of the T-shirt I wear (your shirt) gently abraiding my hardening nipples. To the rough tenderness of the now. To you, to Us, I am lost.

I speak in tongues.

I call out to God.

I call out to fuck.



And with lightning trailing flames from my womb to my ever-swelling clit, I swirl my fingers in circular demand – harder, faster, again, more – until the lava in my veins centers on my sex and the only word I know is your name. Your name… I say your name, over and over and over again, and again, as my pussy tightens and I bear down against the pleasure-pain I’m drowning in, pushing you out, pulling you in, stretched full, unable to take anymore, unwilling to not.

You are insistent. My resistance only serves to reinforce your arousal, and when the head of your cock drags once more against my swollen tissues, I start to shake, no longer able to keep my orgasm at bay.

I am walking a razor-sharp edge, and your words…

Cum for me

…tumble me past the precipice.

Cum for me.

Your voice is primordial, echoing through my most atavistic core.

Cum for me.

Lights explode behind my eyes, and with shivering limbs turned liquid with desire, I form your name once again against my lips…

Cum for me

…and with a scream into my pillow, I do.






And again, right now, alone with the memory of you…

Once more, I do.

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