ante meridiem

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Somatic memory and fevered dreams leave my skin aching as I wake, my nerve endings ablaze against the cool morning air, straining for the brush of your fingertips. My right collarbone is tender to the touch, indelibly bruised from the weeks-past force of your forearm pinning my shoulders back even as your fingers so gently held my head, the demand in your gaze at once a vulnerable plea:  Look at me.

I close my eyes against the rush of sensation remembrance brings, seeing you above me once again, rippling my honeyed walls soft and strong against the ghost of your penetrating hard, reveling in the trail of cool heat that my hands, becoming yours, imprint upon my flesh.

I feel my temperature rise as I open my eyes to sunless light, reveling in sensual reminiscence.

Look at me.

My body blushes even in the absence of your watchful eye, and I wonder, not for the first time, just exactly how much you see.

10 thoughts on “ante meridiem

  1. dokurtybitz

    I look at you
    And see your beauty
    And love,
    Shining out.
    I see you,
    An addition to my life
    That makes everything
    I gaze at you,
    Longing in my face,
    A desire to hold
    And keep you close,
    Soul to soul,
    Touching each other
    Through our flesh.

    And this is what I see, when I look at you

      1. ktz2

        Ive had this only 1 month, wasn’t new but didn’t mess up immediately., and I haven’t even pounded it ! The auxillary keyboards are a hassle to use. . I have to correct & insert letters for about 60% of words typed. growl.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. Geography is sometimes my least favorite thing; it can be trying, being so far apart from the one you want near. (But it makes for good writing material. 😉 )


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