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There are very few things, sexually speaking, that I have equal parts general fascination and specified desires, things for which the allure is uniformly appealing as both an active participant and sideline viewer.  It is the one way that I am more voyeur than exhibitionist, and the single activity that fuels my lust no matter whether my role is active or passive, performer or director, hands off or full-body-contact on.

I love to watch him stroke his cock for me.

His pleasure, taken into his own hands, is an aphrodisiac incomparable.  I take it all in, the pressure and speed, the movements of his fingers, the placement of his thumb, the way the length of his strokes change when he hits halted breath plateaus; I note it all.  The parts of his body that react to his own touch, the caresses that turn his breathing ragged, the goosebumps that raise on his skin when he’s so.fucking.close.

If he is on video, I watch everything.  Open-eyed, enraptured, I trace the line of his neck with my eyes when he throws his head back.  I smile at the twitch in his lips, shiver at the trembling of his limbs.  My cunt throbs at the sound of my name spilling off his tongue when he cums.  For me.

It’s beautiful.

In person…

I can be content to watch, my head resting against the inside of his thigh, my breath brushing against his aroused skin, looking up over his body, dripping with desire.

Yes, I can be content to watch.  But not for long.

I watch where he puts his hands, and where he doesn’t.  I kiss the sensitive inner skin where his leg meets his pelvis, trail my fingers over his testicles as they tighten, swirl my tongue over his purpling head and suck upward with a pop on his downward strokes.  I press my mouth, open, over the base of his balls, my bottom lip resting against his perineum, and blow soft hot breaths against his flesh.  I move up his body, nibbling and suckling, trailing heat from hipbone to nipple, my hands stroking now, tandem to his, until all thought is lost and the only word he can speak is my name, in barely-there stuttered syllables, a repeated plea until permission is granted…

Cum for me.

Yes, if there is one thing I love to watch it is the way he strokes his cock.

For me.

14 thoughts on “Stroke It

  1. Tom Cooper

    This was fun to read, and think about. Funny how many women do not respond to this visual stimulation, while almost all men are turned on by seeing a woman masturbate. I often wonder if it really is a lack of interest, or an inability to express oneself, to just say yeah, that makes me hot?

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I know that, for me, if he’s just jacking off in the shower or in a basic, perfunctory way, it’s “Meh.”

      But when it’s done for me? With me – in mind if not in body – I love that. 🙂

      And besides the visual stimulation, I like to watch as a way of learning my partner. If I use my own hands on him, it will never be the same as the way he does it, but if I’ve watched him, I have a better idea of his likes and dislikes. Combined with my own knowledge of of his body… Well, knowledge is power. 😉 And I definitely enjoy weilding my erotic power now and then. Particularly as a means to reduce him to a trembling puddle of lust. 😀

  2. heidisomething

    This actually a huge hot button for me, but one I haven’t been able to indulge in very much. Maybe twice or three times in 5 years of marriage. Once when I was pregnant and he finished all over my belly but I had to get him almost there and then back off and he, instinctively I guess, grabbed himself and poof, Heidi got her way.

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