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Welcome to my new site!  Hopefully you made it through the migration smoothly; if all went well, it should have been a beam-me-up-Scotty experience.  One you didn’t even know was happening.  🙂

So, you are wondering, Why the move, Feve?

I’ve tussled with myself over the idea of creating a self-hosted space for a long time.  Partly because, as a WordPress blogger, I did not own my own content.  Regardless of the amount of time and effort I put into my photos and posts, in the end, it wasn’t mine.  Anything uploaded onto WordPress is ultimately theirs (read the terms of service – it belongs to Auttomatic), and they can do with it as they please.  As some of my fellow “adult content” bloggers have discovered over the years, that means that you can lose all access to all your work at any time, at the whim of The Censorship Federation (that’s not a real thing, but that’s what they do; I think of them as little Vaders, running around in plastic masks and behaving like asshats), and in some instances are unable to retrieve it.

So.  Now what’s mine is MINE.  Crisis averted.  🙂

And what’s mine is, as always, yours to enjoy.  All my posts and pages transferred; your favorites are still here, and new material is on the way.  Most of your comments came through with the move (a few are missing – sorry about that), and you should find the new home page easily navigable.  Your “Likes” didn’t transfer, unfortunately, but I’ve created a menu on the side bar that shows the most-viewed blog posts over the life of this project.  Clicking on the photos will also take you to related content.  😉  Please take a moment to stick around, click around, and take in the sights.

One of my fears in creating a self-hosted space was losing my community.  The awesome techie guru who helped me through this blog transition (you know who you are – THANK YOU!) has worked hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.  For WordPress users and email subscribers, the transition should be seamless.  If you are a subscriber who has gotten to this post by way of my old home page, and my new posts are not showing up in your inbox or on your WP Reader, please re-subscribe by clicking the button at the top of my side bar.

Please and thank you.  🙂

If you find anything confusing, run into broken links, or have general feedback about the new layout or user-friendliness of this site, please speak up.  I value your feedback.  You can leave comments or questions in the usual manner below, send me an email, or utilize the feedback form on my ‘About’ page.

We will now return to our regular programming…

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