Tell me your fantasies.

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What is it that heats your blood? That fires your imagination, that makes your heart palpitate, your knees weak?

What is it? Tell me.

Maybe you want to be watched. For your prowess? Or your depravity?

Does the idea of others’ eyes – watching, appraising, desiring – make you wet? Make you want?

Perhaps it is the opposite, voyeurism your secret salacity. Do you want to stroke yourself to orgasm openly observing? Or remain hidden, hands-off and dripping, controlling your breathing so as not to be found out, only to relive what you’ve seen hours and days and weeks later, alone or with another?

Ah, another

Perhaps that is it.

Who, I wonder? Someone local? Famous? Off-limits? Taboo?

The bank teller who flirts so outrageously when you make your weekly deposit? The woman who lives across the street? The mail carrier?

A singer? Actor? Writer? Politician?

Your best friend’s spouse? Or someone even closer?

Perhaps you’d rather not know who you’re with. No name of consequence, no familiarity of face, no history, no future. A bar-found stranger with nary a first name? Or the “who”-less lips, teeth, and tongue on the other side of a wall, your only contact through a glory hole?

Oooooh, holes

Do you want to be one? Use one? Be used like one? Dominate one?

Maybe you’d like to pay for it. Or be the one to charge…

Bottom bitch.

Have your choice of whores.


Do you want to play pimp?

Play doctor?

Hmmm… So many roles to choose.

Stranded motorist.
Private detective.
Pool boy.
Newspaper editor.

Mountain climber? They’re excellent riggers, you know. Perhaps you’d like to play with rope.

Do you want to be tied? Spread? Bound? Vulnerable?

Maybe you’d prefer to be the one who ties the ropes that bind another.

Or would you rather play with other equipment instead?


Do you want to face a fear? Overcome one? Eroticize it?

What land do you visit when your flight of fancy takes you abroad? Tell me.

When you close your eyes, what do you see? When you touch yourself, whose hands do yours become? Are you the recipient or the giver of pleasure? The orchestrator of erotic attentions?

Whose? Someone else’s or your own? Both? More than two?

Do you wish for more? More hands, lips, tongues? More bodies, writhing in an erotic ballet?

Mmmm… Does the image of a sexual dance entice you? On a stage, elevated, performing?

In front of a window, backlit for the world to see?

Someplace else entirely?

Do you want it down and dirty?

An alleyway.
A night bus.
A dive bar toilet.

Sweet and seductive?

A swank hotel.
A deserted island.

Public or private? Foreign or familiar?

Improper? Forbidden? Banned? Unthinkable?

So many thousand directions to go.

Dreams and wishes, images and ideas and speculative thoughts. They swirl and drift and morph over time, abstract and illustrative, vaguely defined in abstruse detail.

Paint me a picture in roughly detailed broad strokes, write me a story in smudged-ink clarity, weave me tale in recursive vaguery.

Leave me an impression however you will.

Tell me.

I want to know your fantasies.

5 thoughts on “Tell me your fantasies.

  1. Dok Urtybitz

    I want to wake up with you, to be on display through a window or maybe not as we fuck, to tie you up maybe before or maybe after you tie me up, I want to find a better solution to the damned geography,i want to see how many orgasms I can coax out of you in a day, I want to see how life is growing old with you.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I’m thinking of the scene in the movie Mannequin when Jonathan has his first window design idea and tells Hollywood they’ll need 30 feet of nylon rope:

      “OW! That’s my kinda list!”

      *snaps fingers in an arc*

  2. subhubphx

    I want for my Mistress Wife to take a female lover who is also sub to her but dominant to me. Cucked with another woman if you will. We would go on a trip specifically designed for Mistress to enjoy the lavish surroundings of an exclusive resort, with the pleasures of a submissive female and male (me) at her beck and call. Upon arrival, Mistress would require that I put away all of our belongings i anticipation of her lover’s arrival. She tell me that when she arrives, that i am to kneel in the middle of the room so that her introduction to me would be proper and would set the tone.

    I am wearing my balls-separator that stretches my balls away from my body, and also has a D-ring attached to it. She informs me that her girl’s arrival will be mere minutes away and instructs me to stand before her, hands behind my back while she reiterates my role during our trip. She tells me I will remain naked for the entire trip and that my sole purpose for existing to please her (Mistress) and that I will use my training to decide exactly how to accomplish that goal. Her instructions will be precise at times, and other times vague. it will be up to me to understand any instructions I am given, in the spirit in which they are intended, even if they may seem vague. I let her know I understand and reassure that she will be proud of me, whatever it is she may ask of me.

    A knock at the door tells us she has arrived. Mistress points to the floor. I kneel, facing the door, with my head down. Mistress greets our guest at the door and invites her in. She tells her to leave her stuff where it is and that I will attend to it later. The two of them walk over to where i am kneeling and all I can see is their feet. Each of them are wearing sexy, yet tasteful shoes and I can see that the girl has a very fair, even pale complexion. I hear the girl ask …. “So, this is your husband Mistress?” “Yes darling, this is my husband”, Mistress says.

    Mistress instructs me to raise my eyes to meet our guest. As i do I see that she is maybe 30, petite, small breasts, reddish brown hair and very fair skin. She is incredibly sexy in a plain sort of way and my cock gets hard almost immediately. Mistress pends a few moments telling her the rules of the weekend. Mostly her tasks revolve around the desired pleasures my Mistress Wife, but that although she will be in a dominant position to me, she must always ask Mistress for permission to touch me sexually, and that I may only cum if given permission to do so from Mistress, no matter the circumstances.

    The girl giggles a little and says “it appears as though he is ready to cum now from the look of his hard cock”. Mistress giggles, although I can sense a bit of immediate disappointment that I have so eagerly and quickly become sexually aroused at the arrival of our guest.

    Mistress order me to my feet. Mistress order the girl to remove her clothing. She does immediately and she is gorgeous. Mistress attaches a leash to the D-ring on my balls harness and secures it by short rope to a hook in the floor near the wall. I must widen my feet to avoid nearly pulling my balls off my body. Mistress orders the girl to kneel before with a cup. mistress tells me and the girl that she will punish me know for two reasons. One for my obvious disrespect to our guest as evidenced by “naughty erection”, and two, to demonstrate the kind of spanking the girl can expect at various times during our time together.

    Mistress orders the girl to hold the cup near the end of my hard cock and begins to stroke, firmly instructing me to empty my balls into the small cup. She then informs me that my spanking will be of the post-orgasm kind (the worst, and that for the first time ever, and right before my spanking, I will be required to consume my cum. Mistress vigorously strokes my cock and orders me to cum into the cup, which I do in a matter of minutes. She hands me the cup and orders me to drink my cum. I don’t hesitate and drink it down. It’s gross but pride fills me because Mistress calls me a good boy, even though she is about to punish me hard.

    Mistress spanks me harder than she has ever spanked me before. Spanked to tears even. Again something that has never happened before. After Mistress is done spanking me, I am required to remain in the position that Mistress spanked me in (legs widened to accommodate the rope tied to the floor and my balls), and watch Mistress and our guest have sex on the bed, a mere 5 feet away.

    Or, you know, something along those lines

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Ooooh–! A weekend full of firsts! 🙂 A new domme/switch, spanked to tears, a smidge of voyeurism… That could be a lot of fun. 😀

      Has your wife expressed an interest in taking on a female submissive? A switch-in-the-center can be a tricky thing to negotiate in real life, but it’s quite a delicious fantasy. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

      1. subhubphx

        Actually she was in a lesbian relationship when we met, so she has experience with women sexually. Even before we were a committed FLM, I had encouraged her take female sex partner, because, well you know. Then she said she didn’t want to because she didn’t want to risk our marriage by tasting the fruit of another woman, and not being able to stop. Since she collared me, I encouraged her again and she only smiles and says something along the lines of “you’d like that wouldn’t you?”, with a smile on her face. It’s not a no, but certainly not a yes. *smile
        subhubphx recently posted…I wanted to cum so bad and so hard ………..My Profile

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