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I am laid out on the bed in queenly repose:  sprawled, reclined, one hand tracing my tattoo, the other running fingers through hair still wet from the shower.  My skin is hot, my temperament relaxed, my words more drawl than demand.

“Come here and give me an orgasm.”

And he does.  Oh, he does…

He is skilled at this craft, and like any master craftsman, he has deft and intimate knowledge of the tools of his trade.

“Where are my tools?” he asks.

Of course, many of the tools at his disposal are anatomical in nature.  It’s rather difficult to misplace those particular implements.  Cock, tongue, fingers, lips…

But there are other tools he relies on to render his artistic masterpieces on the canvas of my body, and those are often not where he expects to find them.  Thus, the ask.

“Did you look in the drawer?”

“Maybe I left them on the sink?”

I fish my hand around under my pillow and withdraw the curved blue silicone, handing it to him with a Cheshire Cat grin.

“I remember now.  I used it last night.”
Skyping, were we?”
“And the other?”
“Check the top of the dresser.”

He nods with a knowing smile, and gathers his implements for cleansing.  When he returns, it is with fixed concentration that he uses them to coax breath and moan and yes and sigh in a symphony of erotic delight.  We work together – him with the glass, pressing and thrusting and massaging its demand against my vaginal walls, teasing my g-spot, penetrating in a rhythm he’s perfected over time; me with the vibe, running in circles around my clit, rolling presses over my hood, alternating speed and motion, varying the pulse until I find what is just.right, rotating my wrist and pumping my hips until I can feel my orgasm start to sweep over and around and through my body.



Glass is a liquid, and so am I.  With the outer vibrations amplified as they echo through the glass inside me, I burst into a thousand pulsing pieces of pleasure.  With the tickle-pain in my clit pulsing hot and throbbing in swollen sensitivity while I ride out the waves, I cum again and again in a crash and roll of receding susurrations until I am sleepily spent.

I have used vibrators, alone and with partners, for the majority of my sexually active adult life.  I got my first one at age 18, a gift from my sexy soldier, and it opened a whole new world of pleasure.  We used it when we were together, penetratively, with his mouth on my clit and the slim hard plastic pushing in and out of me at the pace he set.  I used it for him – both in person so he could watch and on the long-distance line so he could hear – a show and tell for his voyeuristic delight.  And I used it alone, on nights I was too exhausted to use my hands but too wound up to sleep, pressing the insistent buzz against the side of my clit and turning up the intensity bit by bit until I bit my release into my pillow (it only took minutes) and passed out into oblivion.

I have tried and discarded several vibrators over the years since.  Innovation has led to some fantastic inventions, and I’ve narrowed down my likes and dislikes fairly succinctly.  I have one that is my go-to because of its versatility, and I have two others (one of which is a thrusting vibe) that come out to play once in a while when I’m in the mood for some solo self-love.

I find vibrators to be the most fun, however, when they are not used solo.  And I find particular delight in utilizing them not only with, but ON my male partners.

I like the control.

And I like giving up that control to him in turn.

I recently had the experience of purchasing a new vibrator with a lover.  He knew my interest, expressed his own, and we went shopping.  We purchased something that was familiar enough in function but new in style for us both, and using it together was delightful.

Running the vibe along his shaft, teasing his frenum, pressing against his perineum, circling his balls, whispering against his ass…  So many delicious ways to draw out his pleasure.

The sharp inhalation of his breath when I held the length of the vibe against the length of his cock, fitting it to his curve while I ran my hands over both, varying the pressure of my grip and turning up the intensity of the vibratory setting…  His whimper and squirm when I pressed the head of the vibe against the base of his balls, working wet fingers in teasing circular strokes over the tip of his cock…

So many sexy responses.

(So many more to evoke in the future.)

And as much as I loved making him moan, likewise I emitted a few noises of my own when he used our new toy on me.  Tentative at first, then more confident as he learned my responses, he slid and pressed and thrust and circled and pushed and penetrated and played.  He figured out how deep, how hard…  Just how.  How to use the vibrator to make me squirm, to make me sigh, to make me beg, to make me cum.

There are, of course, a multitude of ways to use vibration for pleasure (removable shower heads, anyone?), and I, for one, love to explore.  Sensation play is not limited to the genitals and penetrative play is not limited to the vagina.

Sensitive nipples?  Tickle spots?  That place behind your ear that makes you moan?  Other erogenous zones?  You’ll never know how much pleasure you’re missing in those areas if you never try.  What about control?  D/s play?  Requiring your partner to “wear” a vibe while out, especially one that can be remote controlled, could be a secretive exhibitionist thrill.

There are vibrators designed for the male anatomy (cock rings and sheaths, s{t}imulators, etc), and vibrators for couples.  Using one together during intercourse (We-Vibe is famous for that), using one that’s designed for anal play or prostate stimulation, using a dually for double penetration…  There are literally thousands of options and the only limit (besides obvious consent and safety considerations – no Darwin Awards please) is your own imagination.


What are your thoughts on vibrators?
Do use vibrators or other “tools” to maximize pleasure for yourself or a partner?


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    Great exploration of all the different ways you can use a vibrator. Lovely to see you on Kink of the Week and I hope you join in with more topics as your writing is fabulous

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