Surprise!: A Guest Post, Part One

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I asked my husband if he would be interested in participating in my summer prompt.
“You can do anything you want with it,” I said.  “Surprise me.”

What he came up with was definitely a surprise.

A hot contribution, from:

Mi Esposo Fabuloso (He doesn't actually look like this. He's a little cuter. And a lot taller.)

Mi Esposo Fabuloso
(He doesn’t actually look like this. He’s a little cuter. And a lot taller.)


It was a surprise to see her when I got home. Janice had said she’d invited a friend over while I was at work but I did not know it was Kate. Kate has been a topic of conversation for two weeks after Janice met her at a beach nearby. They hit it off pretty good right away talking about their favorite subject: Sex.

I can’t say I did not like the idea she was here since she was a great looking woman. All that much more so laid out on the bed next to Janice…naked.

“My gosh you two!” I exclaimed, startled at the erotic tableau before me. “What’s going on?!”

They both turned, surprised I was there. I had walked into the house quietly enough that they had not noticed me, being so focused on each other. Janice sprung up and turned, looking at me as if I could not really be there. But I was!

Janice had slick juices evident around her mouth from the moment before when she had her tongue stretched out licking Kate’s cunt. It had looked so good from my point of view. Janice’s butt had been sticking up with her anus displayed between her butt cheeks, the curves just right…or ripe I should say.

“Oh… Hi dear,” Janice greeted me, “…you’re home.”

I said nothing. I walked up to her and leaned in for a kiss. She put her face down at first then looked up at me at the same time wiping her lips and face of pussy juice. I met her lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I could actually taste Kate, a little diluted, but clearly the unmistakable taste of Another Woman was present in my wife’s mouth.

I bent up and looked at Kate. “Hi.”

“Hi,” she said sheepishly.

I quickly realized I had walked in very close to the point of orgasm. Kate’s eyes were glossy and her face was like silk, flushed and at the peak of arousal.

I thought to myself, I heard nothing. She’s quiet. No orgasmic thralls. Interesting.

“Well, I’m sorry you guys, I should have called out but…”

“That’s ok…” they said at the same time.

I still turned and walked out the bedroom door, thinking I should give them time to regroup. I walked into the kitchen with my mind racing and my hard on growing more intense as I thought about the situation. My gosh, what a situation. And I spoiled it. Dang!

I rummaged through the refrigerator looking for beer. I certainly needed one. I cocked my ears in the direction of the bedroom but heard nothing. Inquisitively, I moved back in that direction, expecting them to be dressed by now. Curious, I slowly tip-toed down the hall.

Time, they need time.

I peeked into the door and stopped. There they were back at it again. I could not believe it! Janice was lavishly licking Kate, her head moving quickly in rhythm with her tongue’s flicks. Kate had her hands completely covering her mouth, not letting out so much as a minutely audible squeak although she was so lit on fire that I’m sure her vocal cords would express the most outlandish loud screams if she would just let go; she was exploding! Her body lurched up, her legs squeezing Janice’s head, hard.  Our eyes met as I walked closer to them, into the room. She suddenly threw her legs out far and wide – to let Janice in closer it seemed. Her hands dropped off her mouth at that point and she yelled – so loud, so primal that her face contorted – then quickly smiled, almost laughed. She grabbed the back of Janice’s head and pushed her face deeper.

Kate’s screaming intensified. Each stroke of Janice’s tongue caused roaring outburst of lustful, pleasurable moans and gasps.

Then the words started forming on her tongue. “Fuck! Suck me! O…. shit! I want more….!”

She looked at me and stuck her tongue out at me like a spoiled child, then flicked it like she was licking on a clit herself. She beamed a smile as bright as the sun afterwards.

Man, at that very moment I think I fell in love with another woman. It rolled into me as I moved closer, feeling invited by the warmth of her smile.

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