Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2016: Nominations

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The lovely Molly, of Molly’s Daily Kiss, is again undertaking the HUGE (and hugely beneficial to the sex blogging community!) project of creating a Top 100 list of active sex bloggers, and nominations are officially OPEN.

If you are a reader who appreciates content that includes anything (or everything!) having to do with sex (sex education, erotica, sex toy reviews, sexual politics, relationships, opinion, advice, etc) and would like to recognize the sex bloggers you follow, please take the time to nominate accordingly.

The official rules are listed on her nominations page, but to sum up the key points:

  • The blog must be active, having at least 24 posts in the last year.  Any blogger that has not posted within the past 45 days will not be considered.
  • The blog must be public.  A few password-protected posts are fine, but private blogs are not.
  • Content must be original, and when others’ work is used (photos, quotes, etc) it must be cited.
  • Nominations must include the full url (i.e.,
  • Previous #1 winners are not eligible.
  • If you are a sex blogger, you cannot nominate yourself.

The previous winners are listed on the nominations page, as are the instructions for nominating.  And if you’re confused or unsure, just scroll down to the comments section and look for my gravatar.  I’ve already submitted my own nominations and you are welcome to follow my formatting for making yours.  🙂

If you’re looking for new material to peruse, I’d recommend you check back often after you submit your nominations.  There are hundreds of blogs that get recommended for these lists, and you’re bound to find a blog you’re not yet familiar with, simply by reading other people’s nominations.  And if you are unfamiliar with the whole ‘Top 100’ thing and want to see what the results are like, last year’s Top 100 list can be found here.

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