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For the past few years, Kinkly – self-described as a site that hosts “straight up sex talk with a twist” – has put out a list of top sex bloggers, which goes by the title Blogging Superheroes.  The list for 2015 is here, and there are only three more days to cast votes for your favorite sex bloggers before Kinkly compiles its list for 2016.

Unlike the Top Sex Bloggers list put out by Molly Moore, Kinkly depends on reader votes to narrow their list of contenders.  To be considered for the Kinkly list, a blogger must have a minimum of five votes from readers.

I’ve been reluctant in the past to add my blog to their list-serv (because, REASONS), but this year – with the encouragement of others and with the added confidence of having my own self-hosted url (I can no longer be arbitrarily censored by a third controlling party) – I’ve decided to take the plunge.  (Or, at least, to dip my big toe into the somewhat-scary new waters.)

And I’m glad I did.  Because while there are definitely a few glittery blogging superstars on Kinkly’s list of active sex blogs…  Well, once upon a time, they were not so super and not so starry.  We all start somewhere, right?  And many of the active sex blogs listed are, like my own, of the not-so-famous variety.  (Those are the blogs who would most benefit from your votes.)

So if you have a moment, please pop over to the list and click into a blog profile (mine is here) or two to show your support for a few of your favorite sex blog superheroes.  Voting ends October 9, 2016.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

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