By Any Means Necessary

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Imagine, if you will:

A man, a woman, a Mistress.

The man and woman seek counsel/direction from the Mistress on the matter of chastity.  Chastity for him, to be precise.  So rules are agreed upon, a contract is signed, and the Mistress locks the man in a chastity device.

The reasons don’t matter.  Perhaps the man has become overly fond of his hand at the expense of the woman’s sexual satisfaction.  Perhaps he is being punished for some other transgression.  Perhaps he just wants a “clean” jizz-free period.  Or pehaps there is no reason at all.  These are my imaginings, after all.  Reasons are irrelevant.

As this scenario develops in my mind, I name the players to help my imaginary chastity story along.  The woman is Bella.  The man is Fortes.  The Mistress…

Well, you don’t really need to be told who the Mistress is, do you?  😉



“I didn’t think this would be so hard,” Fortes says from his place on his knees in front of Her feet.

Her lips twitch as she listens to his lament.  Of course you didn’t think it would be hard.  You just believed your own fantasy that being locked in chastity would make your cock hard, and keep it that way.

For 23 days, She has followed the intent – if not the letter – of the contract.  (The ‘letters’ were for Bella and Fortes; she doesn’t believe in restricting herself such.)  She has supervised their play, given instructions to Bella for keeping Fortes on edge, and required sexual service from both of them – Fortes being subservient to Bella and both being subservient to Her – that stretched their limits.

For 23 days, She has required daily reports.

She has allowed each of them weekly requests.

For 23 days, She has maintained control.  Control of their sex lives, individually and collectively.  Control of Bella’s orgasms.  Denial of Fortes’ orgasms through enforced chastity.  Denial that has entailed the continual lock-up of Fortes’ penis.  Denial that has allowed only She and Bella – in that order – the right to touch his genitals.  And touch him She has.  To tease his cock to thick straining hardness against his cage, to massage and squeeze his balls to such a constant state of fullness that the front of his trousers are constantly wet from the flow of precum he can’t control.  To make him beg.  To tell him no.  To make it clear that he is not in control.

For 23 days, he has had no control.  None.  Not over his sex organ, or over his sexual activities.

And because of that, he has not cum.  At all.

Which was the whole point.

The point of the rules.  The point of the contract.  The point of the cock cage.

And now, just over halfway through their six-week agreement, Fortes has lodged his first complaint.

She knew it was coming, of course.  Just as She knows what is coming next.

She sighs, a mixture of amusement and disappointment.  He should know better, She thinks.

“You are allowed one request per week,” She says, circling him as he casts his eyes downward.  “Would you like to make yours now?”

After a long pause, his voice, gravelly with pent up arousal, reaches Her ears.

“May I have two hours out of my chastity device, to do with Bella as I wish?”

She smiles, Her plan for just such a request already in place.

A heavy pause weighs the air before she responds.  “You may.”

He gasps, clearly not expecting a ‘yes’.  He is allowed to ask, but *only* to ask.  Requests are part of the contract.  But it is up to Her whether or not those requests are granted, and he is smart enough not to take a ‘yes’ for granted.

“But the same rules apply in regards to touching yourself,” She admonishes.  “You will be supervised in the shower, to be sure you are not abusing the privilege I am granting, and once you are deemed suitably clean, you may have two hours to ‘do with Bella as you wish.’  But whatever that is, it must fall within the scope of the rules I’ve set for you each individually, and you absolutely DO NOT have permission to touch your own dick.  Is that clear?”

He looks up, bright eyed and hopeful, responding with an enthusiastic puppying “Yes, Ma’am.”

“I will let you know when your two hours are available.  You’re dismissed.”


Oh don’t even sit there with that expression on your face, Reader.  I know what you’re thinking.

Why, you are thinking, would you let him out of his cage, Feve?  (And don’t pretend you don’t know it’s me playing Mistress in that scene.)

That’s what you’re thinking.

But seriously, do you really think I would do such a thing without a plan in place?

Tsk, tsk.

Picture this:

Fortes is assigned his two hours out of his cage, and he thinks he’s going to be able to do ‘whatever he wishes’ with Bella for that two hours.  He thinks that by using such obscure language he has cleverly figured out a way around the chastity contract.  He just has to follow instructions: he can’t touch himself.  Well, of course he doesn’t want to touch himself, right?  He wants to fuck Bella.  And he assumes, of course, that if he cums (which would happen after approximately 2.2 strokes after the wait he’s just endured), it’s all fine.


Mistress has given Bella instructions of her own.  And when Fortes bounds into the bedroom, fresh from the shower with a cage-free raging hard-on (a free range hard-on?), he’s going to find Bella wearing a chastity device of her own.

:: Access Denied ::

Silly boy.



Fortes stares, dumbfounded, at the glistening machined metal covering Bella’s genitals.  It is a Victorian fantasy come true, a paneled panty front held in place by a steel belt encircling Bella’s waist.

It is embossed.  It is beautiful.

It is barring Fortes’ access to Bella’s pussy.

And it is locked.

At the sound of his Mistress entering the room, he turns.  “Whaaa…?”  He stutters, a protest on the tip of his tongue.

“Fortes.”  Her voice is honey, her face is stone.

He stops at this.

“Our contract was for enforcing your chastity, Fortes.”

He gulps, flushing red.

“I intend to do so by any means necessary.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . FADE OUT . . . . .




NOTES:  The names Bella and Fortes are a nod to the first known visual representation of a female chastity device, found in a document called the Bellifortis, a military codex, dated 1405.  The concept of caged-metal female chastity devices is often thought to have originated during medieval times, but historians have largely disproved this theory.  In actuality, they came into use during the industrial revolution and were used most commonly (though still quite uncommonly) in Victorian times.  A thorough examination of the history and mythology of female chastity devices has been published by Semmelweis.

8 thoughts on “By Any Means Necessary

  1. Lingering Need

    This reminds me of the Christmas story Gift of the Magi…
    a really twisted take on it but the same sort of turnabout.

    Ultimately tough it’s a morality lesson…
    to honor your promises and not try to weasel out of them.

    And of course to be careful what you wish for even when it’s as noble as a no-far reboot
    and by that to prepare yourself to devote your all to your lady, the woman you trust with your balls.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Subject B: You draw an interesting parallel. (Or is it a helix, what with being twisted? 😉 )

      I visited your site but was unable to leave a comment, so I will do so here: Best of luck in finding the relationship you seek. 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thanks. These prompts can be a bit challenging. I have ideas (oh my, do I have ideas… 😉 ), but getting them across within a time- and word-limitation is another story. 🙂

  2. Molly

    This is fabulous, I can’t believe you managed to get both male and female chastity devices into one story completely legitimately. I love your Kink of the Week entries and I hope you keep joining in as your writing is always so good

    Molly recently posted…Keeping OrderMy Profile


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