Visions of Sugarplums

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Or perhaps just visions.

Visions of sex.

Sex and ever-so-slightly tortuous erotic delight.  That’s what’s filling my head tonight.

I smile into the camera, sloe-eyed and endorphin-drunk, and spread my pussy lips apart.  One hand is curved under my thigh to press my fingertips into my slick sensitive opening, the other hand is turning lazy circles over my clit.

“Your own private movie,” I think to myself, talking to you in my head, making eye contact with the lens.

But there is another movie in the making, scrolling in XXX detail behind my eyelids with each blink.  And ohhh…

Oh.  YES.

To say the vivid details of my imaginings are making me hot is an understatement…


Scenes From A Fevered Imagination, TAKE ONE

You’re bound.  Naked.  Tied in a takate kote, seated on a couch.

I’m fully dressed.  (In a dress, no less.)  Heels, stockings.  But no panties.

The contrast is arousing.  My clothed thighs straddling yours, but bare underneath.  Bare and wet, grinding in a slow slide up and down your shaft in swollen-soft frottage, coating you in my cream.  Making you shake.  Beg.  Want.

But no.

No, I will not give you what you want.

You, my love, are here for my pleasure.  And right now, My Pleasure is seated on a chair opposite us, stroking his cock, watching me make you wet.  Literally.  With my own juices.  And when I get up, it will be to climb up your body and fuck your face while he sucks our mingled sweet syrup off your cock.


You’re untied now (don’t ask me how), and he straddles your lap, rubbing his cock against yours while the two of you kiss.  Each of you is using your hands on the other, exploring the velvet steel so foreign yet so familiar.

I’m still in my dress, still panty-less.  The soft draped fabric is hiked up around my hips, exposing the bare skin above the lace tops of my thigh-highs to the cool air of the room.  My own fingers go exploring while watching the two of you explore each other.  I’m dripping wet from want, hot honey slicking the insides of my thighs.


You’re tied again, differently now, arms in front of you.  They are not exactly free but you can touch me.  You’re wearing a rope chest harness (how, I have no idea) and nothing else.

I straddle your thighs – only your thighs, not touching your cock – and lean my weight against your chest to kiss you, tasting myself on your lips.

I look at the other man in the room, then back at you.

“He’s going to fuck me, love.  Are you ready?”

It’s not exactly an ask.  We’ve discussed this ahead of time, and you knew it was coming.  But I will not proceed until I hear an assent.

It comes enthusiastically.  “Gawd yes…”  (That’s so you, you know.  😉 )

I turn my head over my shoulder and nod to the man standing behind me.  I haven’t allowed either of you to cum yet, and his purpled head is pulsing, steadily pushing beads of pre-cum from his glossy slit.

Turning back to you, I moan my pleasure into your mouth as he fills me from behind and circle my thumb over the head of your dripping cock.  I rub your tip against my clit while he fucks me, pushing all of us closer to orgasm.


Oh, there’s more.  So much more.

Visions galore.

You, bent over to take my strap-on while he fucks your mouth.

You, fucking his ass with me holding you from behind, guiding your movements and whispering filthy commands in your ear.

Fucking both of you, fucking me.

Him, eating my pussy while you sit – tied, helpless, bursting with arousal, desperate to fuck me – and watch.  Just…  Watch.


I telegraph the sentiment – just watch – to the camera as this last set of visions sends me over the edge.

I’m shaking.  Near tears from the intensity, my orgasm rips through me with your name on my lips.

Moments later, coming down from my high, I manage a coherent thought.

“He’s gonna love this,” I think hazily in my post-orgasmic bliss.

When my brain starts functioning enough to click the camera off, I sigh and reach for the ‘STOP’ button…

…only to realize that somewhere between mentally denying his orgasms and physically finding mine, the camera battery died.


Ah, well.

If at first you don’t succeed, cum cum again.  😉


8 thoughts on “Visions of Sugarplums

  1. Jo

    God, I love everything about this – especially the format. I think you capture so well the crystal clear fantasies (and how hot they are!!!) that happen in the narrator’s head as she’s wanking – brilliant.
    Jo recently posted…Moment in the SunMy Profile


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