Bringing Him To Heel

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man holding woman's foot wearing high heel boot

Do you like high heels?

I already know some of my husband’s feelings on heels – or, at least, his feelings about me wearing heels – from the way he responds to me physically when I don certain pieces of footwear,  but I’ve been contemplating the subject in a general sort of way lately, and I’m curious as to how (or if) he thinks of them.

And so I ask.

I ask him the question without explanation or context, with no particular expectation of where this conversation will lead.  It’s one of the things I do regularly in our relationship.  While he typically responds well to my “I want to try”s and “I really like”s, I’ve found that he also responds… interestingly… to my “What do you think”s and “Do you”s.  What do you think of corsets? led to an interesting conversation once.  As did Do you masturbate in the shower?

“Do you like high heels?” I ask.

He blinks.  Pauses a beat before answering.

Then:  “You mean, like, stepping on me?”




. . . OH.


Well now, that *is* interesting.

I’m *SO* glad I asked.  🙂

woman's high heel boot stepping on man's crotch

Obviously we have some things to discuss…



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20 thoughts on “Bringing Him To Heel

  1. Lucy Fox

    Oooh I do like this – Lots of possibilities – If that is his reaction with those heeled boots, imagine the response from a pair of ridiculously high, slut heel, stilettos… 😉

  2. Cammies on the Floor

    I took a class on this recently and really want to try it out on Mr. Texas. So far he doesn’t seem responsive, but I think I’ll babystep him into the concept.
    I look at this picture and I grown impatient to try, it looks like fun
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted…GRUEMy Profile


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