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We play Draw, colorful double-six markers lined up and T-split over the white tablecloth.

“Domino!” I call, and he adds his points.

“Domino!” again.

And again.

And again.

I am beating him over and over again; sometimes gaining only a few points at a time from the chips left in his hand, other times accruing 20 points or more at the end of a round.

We play games.  This one is simple, it’s fun, and while a bit of strategy is involved, it is not complex.  It is something we do together to unwind, to entertain ourselves, to have a kinesthetic backdrop against which to exercise our conversational skills, or to exorcise the leftover blahs from our individual days.

My score keeps growing.



He groans good-naturedly as the digits rise in my favor.


One more hand…



He doesn’t complain, not exactly.  But he’s getting stomped on and he wants me to know that he knows it.

“Hon,” he says with competitive good humor, “How are you doing this?  I mean, it’s just Dominoes but…  You’re dominating me at this game!”

I pause a moment.


And in my best teacher-explains-to-the-little-boy voice, I state the obvious.

“It should be clear to you by now,” I say to him with my eyebrow raised, “that I am a Domino’trix.”


Wot?  Did you think I would be talking about a different kind of tabletop ‘game’?

(Now that you mention it…
He WOULD look quite adorable bent over the tabletop.) 😀


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Life is full of challenges.  My spouse and I face ours, both as individuals and as a couple, daily.  There are milestones and miscommunications, triumphs and tragedies, setbacks and successes.  And while those occasions can and do warrant celebration, acknowledgment, and commemoration, I do not necessarily believe it is (only) The Big Things that define us.  Instead, it is moments like these – full of humor and camaraderie, love and laughter – that comprise the highlights of our relationship.

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