Take Your Medicine

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Alex closed the door with a huff-breath laugh as the last of the trick-or-treaters scampered off into the night.  Turning off the porch light switch with a click, she turned slowly to face her partner, Devon – him dressed as ‘patient’ to her ‘doctor’, tonight – and looked him up and down with a lip-licking grin.

Twirling the end of her stethoscope with one hand and placing the other hand in her lab coat pocket, Alex leaned her back against the now-closed door and savored the weight of her surprise tricky treat – a six inch swirl of candy-colored silicone, harnessed between her thighs; a surprise Devon had no idea was coming – beneath the flowing folds of her knee-length jersey dress.

“So…” she began, arching her eyebrows in playful invitation.

Devon eyed her, then glanced toward her medical bag –

“Kit,” she’d explained when he asked.  “If I’m going to dress up,” she’d said, “I might as well accessorize.”

But the way she’d zipped that bag shut like its contents were on fire when he’d walked into their bedroom earlier tonight had his imagination running wild, and he’d been anticipating the end of the evening with gleeful trepidation.

She was up to something.

– and raised his own eyebrows in response.

“So,” he responded, clearing his throat.

“Would you like to play doctor?” she asked, a playful smile dancing at the corners of her lips.


Devon racked his memory, reviewing all the scenarios they’d discussed over their years together that might fit with the ‘medical’ theme they’d costumed themselves in for Halloween.  Visions of probes and speculums, needles and masks, gloves, bandages, and ointments floated through his imagination with hauntingly seductive fear-arousal, and he felt his cock harden in response.

“Yes.”  His voice was husky.  “Please.”

Alex smiled.  She knew what he’d been thinking.  They’d talked, thoroughly and frequently, about the myriad ways that the otherwise-mundane could be made sexy, and medical situations were one of their most recent kink-i-fied conversation topics.  She knew full well the hoops his mind was jumping through, trying to figure out what she was going to do.

And she would do some of those things.


For now…

“What would you prefer?” she asked.  “Trick?”

Devon’s eyes darkened with arousal.

“Or treat?”

He paused a moment before answering, with “Can’t I have both?”

Oh yes, you can, she thought, slowly lifting the front hem of her dress while walking toward him.

Devon hit his knees at her approach, closing his eyes on a deep inhalation, anticipating the sweet-peach drip of her tangy juices against his tongue.

Knowing that Devon was expecting to feel the soft folds of her labia against his lips, Alex stopped just short of where he was kneeling, and with her hand wrapped around the base of her strap-on, she brushed the bulbous candy-colored tip against his lip.

Devon’s eyes flew open at the unexpected heavy texture, and he gasped with surprise.

Taking advantage of his open mouth, Alex pushed the head of her silicone cock past Devon’s lips, gripped a fistful of his hair, and guided his head forward.

“Trick,” she said in response to his wide-eyed lock-gaze surprise.  “And treat.”

Devon smiled around the mouthful Alex was feeding him.  They’d talked about this, too.  Many times.  But tonight?  It was the last thing he would have seen coming.

Relaxing his throat, he nodded up at Alex, indicating his readiness.

She smiled down at him, tensing her hips in preparation.

“Now be a good boy,” she said, pushing forward with a wink, “and take your medicine.”



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