Cut From The Same Cloth

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boxcutter with text: Don't. Move.


The cold snick of the blade sliding into place sends a hot chill through her, and when he places the biting metal against the inside crease of her thigh, her sharp inhalation expands the held-breath air in her chest, pushing her pebbled nipples out, brushing them against the scratch-silk fabric of her blouse, making her squirm.

“Be still.”

His voice, barely registering through her adrenaline haze, is rough gravel coated in menace.

His body – solid but featureless against the gray-dark of the room – is blocking hers open, keeping her legs apart.

“Don’t.  Move.”

She feels the press of steel – Is it steel? – against the seam of her pantyhose at the same time as she feels the press of his lips against hers, followed immediately by the sound of rending fabric.


Cutting/tearing clothing is not my kink, but – ever the curious kitty – I have taken my Have you ever…? question to one of my friends, for whom this particular activity *does* check off some ‘hot’ boxes.

Me:  Do you have any sexy experience with scissors?

(The thing about having the kinds of friends I do, is that you can text them seemingly off-the-wall questions, completely unrelated to your previous conversation and without preamble, and they don’t bat an eye.)

Him:  I have cut clothes off Dana.
Him:  And I did slice her tights open with a box cutter.

We discuss the scissors incident for a moment – Yeah, I had to buy her a new bra after, he says with an lol.  It was an expensive session. – before getting into the inspiration for the scene written above.

Him:  The box cutter thing was a bit darker.
Me:  Like a mean guy with bad intentions?
Him:  Yeah.

A short pause, and then he continues:  I hid in the closet.






It takes a moment for this to sink in, then:  Oooooh…







And just like that, the broad-brush outlines he is giving me begin to paint a picture I understand.  My imagination goes to work filling in pointilistic details, creating the scene I wrote above, and suddenly I get it.

I get why and how cutting clothes could be hot, even though it’s not something that’s hot for me, because I get HIM.  I know him, and through him I know her, and I get their relationship.  He would do anything in his power to give her anything she wanted, and I think he’s absolutely tops for taking that ‘anything’ to a scary-sex-in-a-safe-way level.

Me:  You’re so fun.
Me: I love that you aren’t afraid to embrace your own sexual creativity.
Him: I’m up for almost anything…


Yes, he is.

And that, I think, is why we understand each other so well.

We are cut from the same cloth.



Are you up for ‘almost anything’?

Have you ever ripped or cut clothes off with a partner?

Do tell!

12 thoughts on “Cut From The Same Cloth

  1. Collaredmichael

    Never cut clothing off but have ripped it off. Afterwards I had to apologize as the clothing was destroyed and wasn’t replaceable. The cost was worth it as the moment was smoking hot!!

  2. Sklor

    As the person that did this, let’s just say that I gladly replaced those Wolfords and bought her 5 more pairs. Only 2 of those suffered the same fate as the pantyhose that were murdered above lol.

  3. Molly

    As an element of fear play I find the cutting off of clothes insanely hot to me. I totally get off on that kind of predatory dominance and there is something calculating and dark about it that so works for me

    Molly recently posted…Autumn’s FireMy Profile

  4. chris

    I think tearing would be much more fun than cutting….
    i have visions of fabric flying everywhere, with the ‘rip’, ‘tear’, ‘shred’ sound effect bubbles appearing as I remember the scene — or is that an imagined scene from Batgirl?


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