‘Love’ might be too strong a word.

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So there’s this thing that happens once yearly in blogging, called LOL Day.  LOL, in this instance, does not mean Llamas Out-cute Lions or Licks Only Lollipops.  It also does not mean, as more than one well-meaning grandparent-type has thus misused the abbreviation, Lots Of Love.

‘Love’ is in the acronym though:  LOL stands for Love Our Lurkers.  And today is LOL Day.  🙂

For me…  Well, let’s just say that ‘love’ might be too strong a word.  I mean, I kind of have to know a person to love them, and by definition, blog lurkers are folks who don’t make themselves known, so I can’t honestly say “I love you” when I don’t know you, right?

I like you, though.  😀

So to you (yes You, who show up in this little cloud-world space of mine to read or perv or quietly observe) who lurk about in the shadows:  THANK YOU.  For being here.  For reading around and clicking about and generally offering your silent support throughout my tenure as a blogger.  Truly, thank you.  I think you’re awesome.


If you are one of the ones who are typically silent, or if you haven’t commented in quite some time, or are otherwise timid or shy or just not quite sure what to say:  Now is your time.

Whether you interact regularly or have never uttered a peep, I’d love it if you’d take a moment this LOL Day to key in a comment below and say hello.

And if you aren’t sure what to say, I’d love to know:

  1. where on this green earth you’ve been hiding (i.e., Where are you from, geographically speaking?),
  2. how/when/why you found this blog, and/or
  3. any ol’ thing you feel like sharing.  (Favorite band?  Holiday plans?  A funny/sexy/horrifyingly-embarrassing anecdote about that one time at band camp?)

Or, if you don’t feel up to answering a question, ask me one instead.  🙂

The sky is the limit.
(Or the mountaintop can be the limit.)
(Or the molehill, if you’re not into giant leaps.)  😉



Say something.  🙂

10 thoughts on “‘Love’ might be too strong a word.

  1. chris

    I can only say how nice it is to be here,
    and to thank you for having me.

    Wait… that’s the wrong speech….

    I wanna say that I accept
    the award with humility and …

    Ok… so, I’ll admit that I don’t know how to act
    when people actually WANT me to talk.
    It so rarely comes up. 😀

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I think there’s a pill you can take for that. 😛

      (You left yourself wide open with that last statement, my friend. You can’t just lob them up there and expect me not to hit ’em. 😉 😀 )

  2. Collaredmichael

    Perhaps a while since I commented—don’t actually remember! However I’m from Canada (Toronto). I love femdom and found your blog a long time ago. Again I can’t remember how! However I think you’d be a nice person to be around—lots of fun! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Awww, thanks! 🙂

      It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Toronto. The last time I was in the area (sort of – it was Stratford, actually) was for a Shakespeare festival. I saw Hamlet and As You Like It that day. In that order, if I remember correctly. Which, of course, only makes sense. We all need a laugh after a round of high drama. 😉

      Thanks for saying hello! 🙂

  3. JFBreak

    I’m from the San Antonio, TX area and have been following for quite some time. Can’t even remember where I found the link. Married, Bi, mid fifties, my wife has a BF and I’m cool with that – I’m a voyeur and a lurker!

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Hello! 🙂

      Texas is a place I’ve not spent much time, but my hubby (you and he have a few things in common 😉 ) and I have discussed visiting Austin at some point in the future. We’ve heard good things about SXSW.


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