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I am laying against him in the bubbly bath water, my front to his front, my arms hugging his waist and head under his chin, relaxed and content and post-orgasmically free-floaty.ย  Encircled by his limbs, I burrow my face into his chest with a pleasured hum.

Breath and silence are the only sounds.

Into the whisper quiet, barely audible above the surrounding stillness, I speak.

My alto voice is a purring kitten, low and content and rumbly-smooth.ย  My words are a winged bird – the kind that cannot help but flutter and fly free – against the steady rise and fall of his chest under my cheek.

“I have waited for you…”

His heart stills beneath my breast then starts again, a double-fast quick-time thud I can feel vibrating through my body, zinging its tempo along my skin everywhere it touches his.

“…for a long time.”


18 thoughts on “Whisper

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