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as in multi-hued:  bright, intense**, picturesque, prismatic, rich, vibrant, vivid

**see also:  desirous, impassioned, powerful, profound

as in bold:  eye-catching, lively, spirited, striking

as in bright:  clear, glowing, luminous, radiant

as in different:  distinct, incomparable

as in exotic (exotic?):  mysterious**

**see also:  enigmatic, inscrutable, remarkable, sagacious, secretive
(yes, this fits I think)

as in expressive:  allusive, tender, suggestive
(yes, yes – this too)

See Also:
refreshing to the senses
sweet, lovely
unequivocal, intriguing

(and so it is)
(or so it could be)



(and well it should be)

nude woman with long curly hair, smiling

My smile is a rainbow, arcing a covenant; its thousand incarnations each a variegated promise on the spectrum of possibility.

Come.  Dewdrop wet through my light.

Let me paint you with the colors of my lips.



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