How To Melt An Ice Cube

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Step One:  Pinken/redden one bottom to the point of “beyond rosy.”  Rosiness will vary according to spanker preference.  Solid, stinging wallops advised.

Step Two:  Scratch nails over recently-rosy’ed flesh to test for sensitivity.  Insufficient yelping  on the part of the rosy-bottomed scratchee during this step may indicate the need to repeat step one.

Step Three:  Swipe palm gently over rosy cheeks to check for heat.  If rosy cheeks radiate a glowy warmth, proceed to step four.  If pinkened skin is not sufficiently warm, repeat steps one and two as necessary.

Step Four:  Apply one ice cube to heated pink bum.  Rub in circles over all spanked spots until ice has melted.

Step Five:  Photograph the results.

reddened spanked bum wet from melted ice


9 thoughts on “How To Melt An Ice Cube

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I liked them too. That one’s skin flushes a lovely shade of dark pink. I have another photo in which the lighting is such that you can clearly see the outline of my fingers on his arse. 😉

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