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Affectionate, Beatific, Charming, Disarming, Engaging, Flirty, Generous, How many ways can you describe your Impish, Jesting, Knowing, Loving, Mesmerizing, Nuanced, Own, Pixie, Quiet, Radiant, Sardonic, Tentative, Unwavering, Vulnerable, Wiley, X-Rated,… Read more »

Out of the Mouths of Husbands

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I must preface this post by saying that my husband has, over the years, managed to name several of my body parts.  The muffin, for example, is one of his… Read more »

Purple Mountain's Majesty

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Sssshhhhhh…. Just look. I think I’m going to call this series ‘Mount Rainier in Junuary’. It was cold, rainy, muddy, and buggy.  There was snow.  SNOW!  There were spiders, chipmunks, ill-behaved unleashed… Read more »

Rough Ride

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We are living ‘unplugged’ in a cabin for four days, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be posting much (lack of wi-fi and no cell signal makes it a bit difficult),… Read more »


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Testing, testing… 1-2-3… This is a test. Repeat: This is ONLY a test. Mrs. Fever is attempting to blog from her phone. If this had been a real blog post,… Read more »

The Bare Necessities

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Ahhh, summer… A time for vacation… I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to packing, and I’m always careful to travel with only the bare necessities.  Since Mr. Fever and I… Read more »

Marriage Moments

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So this morning I stumbled into the bathroom (I have an incredibly reliable internal alarm clock ~ OhmyGodIGottaPee! ~ that never fails to urge me out of bed in the… Read more »