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(One person will understand this post.  If you are not that person, feel free to go away.  The sooner, the better.) * I have a (female) blogger friend who describes… Read more »

Mondays Thwuck

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Spanking should sound like a symphony; thwacks and smacks interspersed in time, with occasional rests and shhh-shhh strokes on heated skin to offset the downbeats, amidst a nice mix of dolce and allegro,… Read more »

May I Take Your Order Please?

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Some people…like say, ohhhh, I dunno…at least half the bloggerly population…and most definitely a particular BDSM blogging couple (Hi Scot!  Hi Leigh!)…just, ya know…ahem…for example…think “coffee is a food group.”  (Yes,… Read more »

Ahm Nada Noodist (aka, A.N.N.)

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A.N.N. (which is Mrs. Fever’s middle name) wears clothes when she has to.  And she (we?) had to over the past few days because the male parent-type was visiting.  Which… Read more »

Ties That Bind…

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…And gag.  Ugh. Bondage, anyone? Nope, not today.  I’m (un)tying knots of a different kind, and the only kinks I’m dealing with are in my back because I slept for… Read more »