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‘Love’ might be too strong a word.

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So there’s this thing that happens once yearly in blogging, called LOL Day.  LOL, in this instance, does not mean Llamas Out-cute Lions or Licks Only Lollipops.  It also does not… Read more »

Bits and Bytes

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I put this together a while back when my friend Nate (who, by the way, has inspired me to rename my bathtub *The Alligator Lounge*, and to whom I am subsequently dedicating this… Read more »

Intimate Ideations

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WARNING:  This post is link-heavy.  The author of each quote is attributed with a link to his/her own blog; otherwise, each link leads to posts/pages that will likely require brain… Read more »

Chit Chat, Paddywhack, Give a Feve a Bone

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Hi.  My name is Mrs Fever.  (Not really; that’s a pseudonym.  Shhhh…  Don’t tell anyone!)  I’m a pseudokinky mongamish polyconversationalist notaDomme.  I’m also a pansexual intellectual exhibishadventurist (yes, the subject of… Read more »