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  They rocket and boom, in flash-spark crackling explosions and fizz-shhh waterfalling displays of light, filling the three-quarter moon sky with their fearsome spectrum of light. Some corkscrew and twirl,… Read more »


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“Shhh…” I pluck the squawling bundle of wrinkled flesh from my brother’s rigid arms and immediately the screams cease.


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I’m alone and it’s late and I still have a paper to write tonight before I collapse from exhaustion…  

Comfort and Joy

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When I sent Nate (author of one previous guest post and a few other blogs) the Frompt instructions, he replied with an email the next day saying, “Not to be a blog hog,… Read more »

An Astute Observation

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Abby Normal (Emergency Back-Up Mistress of the Bay Area Dark and Triumphant Destroyer of Vampyre Kitties), on Parental Relations: “Like maybe I would get along with the Motherbot better if… Read more »