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Apple Spice Bread

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CONTENT WARNING:  There is nothing sexy about this post.  Unless, of course, you find food to be sexy.  If so:  This is an incredibly sexy post! Ahem. ‘Kayso, last year… Read more »

Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake

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This is an unusual venture for me, but a fellow sex blogger, Nilla, posted about a ‘recipe share‘  type thing being hosted by Jz at A Reluctant Bitch, I think it’s… Read more »

May I Take Your Order Please?

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Some people…like say, ohhhh, I dunno…at least half the bloggerly population…and most definitely a particular BDSM blogging couple (Hi Scot!  Hi Leigh!)…just, ya know…ahem…for example…think “coffee is a food group.”  (Yes,… Read more »