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Sensory Dreams

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Disturbed. It’s the only way to describe the atmosphere into which I wake. I’ve been somewhere in my mind – asleep – just moments before and the impressions left on… Read more »


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Blue striped adjustable loungers lay decadently discarded across lush lawns, the pattern indiscernible except for the direction of focus: the pool, sun-soaked and sparkling, wantonly inviting, laid out like a… Read more »

Wild {da beast}

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Every once in a great white moon, if you’re lucky (or charming or perhaps a lucky charm), when the stars align and Virgo is flashing Aries like a trench coat… Read more »

ante meridiem

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Somatic memory and fevered dreams leave my skin aching as I wake, my nerve endings ablaze against the cool morning air, straining for the brush of your fingertips. My right… Read more »

j’ai envie de toi

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My mouth longs to meet yours again, my tongue to taste; my throat aches to swallow your moans.  The hitch of breath at the back of your throat when we collide echoes through… Read more »