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Safari Smotch

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I’ve often been known to say things like, “We need to get Wally a llama,” and “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long-necked sheep?” I have even, on occasion,… Read more »

Tabletop Games

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We play Draw, colorful double-six markers lined up and T-split over the white tablecloth. “Domino!” I call, and he adds his points. “Domino!” again. And again. And again. I am… Read more »

Oyster Pants

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The bulge in his pajama pants is growing under my gaze, and when I give him my “come hither” gesture he does so with a sheepish smile. “What’s that in… Read more »

Stinky Legs

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Sometime around sunup: I am half-awake, sprawled diagonally across my bed, arms akimbo, tank top twisted, legs uncovered, pajama bottoms pushed up to my knees.  I hear the soft tread… Read more »

Runaway Vagina

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There are very few barriers in my home.  I pretty much have an open-door policy, and that includes leaving the door open when I’m in the bathroom.  Not only does… Read more »