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Like a 9-lb Hammer

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I can see, through bliss-blurred eyes, the sheen of sweat on his forehead, feel the tremble in his biceps, hear the raggedness of his breathing; the vestiges of control are… Read more »

Food of Love

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He crawls on shaking limbs to arrange himself alongside me, trembling from the force of his release. I can feel his heartbeat thudding through his ribcage, the thrum of it… Read more »


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The temperature is climbing already this morning, in a hurry to reach its high.  Smotch is outside being a Good Steward Of The Land, and I am…  Not. I sit… Read more »


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He is propped against the pillows, slightly elevated, breathing shallowly to minimize the pain.  The rail of the bed digs into my thigh, but I stay, perched in place, to… Read more »

Double Nickel

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Today is my husband’s birthday. It’s kind of a big one, which is why I didn’t mention the odd combination of shirts he was wearing this morning (short sleeved linen,… Read more »