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Taking Him In Hand

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Handjobs I find a very particular kind of pleasure in wrapping my hands around my lover’s cock. Sometimes it is simple:  a gentle holding reach-around hug of my palm against his… Read more »

Where do sex toys go to die?

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(and other questions whose answers are imperative to maintaining order in the universe) Meet Belle. Belle is a sex toy.  A fun pink buzzy novelty of a sex toy.  Made… Read more »

Porn-NO: An Exploration of Erotic Imagery

. …many things that are erotic to some may be lewd or crass for others…the difference between what is erotic versus what is pornographic begins with our initial neuro-association with… Read more »

Love IS

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Amiright?! So:  LOVE. Or, if you prefer:  Luuuuurv. It’s strange. Love is this… thing… that insinuates itself between two (or more!) people.  It’s a living, breathing entity that can be… Read more »