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The colors dance behind my eyelids in bursts and swirls, splashing across my vision in vibrant variegated hues.  They overlap and spin, spattering their motley array of vivid brights and… Read more »


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Alone on my deck, surrounded by the quiet goings-on of my neighborhood, I revel in the erotic perceptions of sensory contrapositions.  The sun massages its heat into my skin while… Read more »

Fingers Are For Fucking

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I watch, wide-eyed and sleep-silly, as his lube-slick hand pumps and slides, thick fingers gripping his cock, stroking for me. I’m dizzy-tired and tight-wound, giddy from the completion of travel… Read more »

Awaiting Starlight

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After the feather of lips over flushed flesh, after the swallow of pleasure-infused cries, after the graveled pull forth of pleading desire and the breathy rasp of trapped-throat moans; Once… Read more »

The Way We Click

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  Bare skin and firelight, backlit with the silver dim of cold blue dusk. Bands of black and metal clasps. Warm flames dancing across shadowy figures in chill air. Camera…. Read more »