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Awaiting Starlight

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After the feather of lips over flushed flesh, after the swallow of pleasure-infused cries, after the graveled pull forth of pleading desire and the breathy rasp of trapped-throat moans; Once… Read more »

The Way We Click

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  Bare skin and firelight, backlit with the silver dim of cold blue dusk. Bands of black and metal clasps. Warm flames dancing across shadowy figures in chill air. Camera…. Read more »


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I am both too hot and too cold, restless, agitated, exhausted. I stare at the ceiling and try to track my thoughts, aligning them one by one against the sliver… Read more »

It Reminds Me

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Visuals don’t often appeal to me – I don’t “do” disembodied carnal bits without emotional context – but this one is… Different. Familiar. The cropped-shot gif contains the barest of… Read more »

Good Boy

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The pressure of my bladder – full, but not uncomfortable – nudges me toward consciousness.  Keeping my eyes closed against the morning, I slowly untwist my body beneath the tangled sheets… Read more »