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The Things I Do Not Write

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I write about hundreds of things.  Publicly, via this blog; intimately, through correspondence; privately, for myself. I do not write about hundreds more. A few, in no particular order: ~… Read more »

Return To Sender

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Dear Da, My Love, To Whom It Hello, Stranger. For that is, in fact, who you have become.  Of your own accord.   Communications between us once flowed like glacial… Read more »

Hard To Swallow

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Thoughts link, chained haphazardly one to the next, and I let my mind drift.  Things I’ve been meaning to write – my mishaps with not-exactly-polyamory, coming to terms with the… Read more »


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When the tide goes out, thousands of starfish, having crept close to shore in search of food, are stranded on the beach. Every day at low tide, a man walks… Read more »


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Crystal dew breaths, visible but not tangible, fade into ether while the sun snuggles into its gray cloud blanket, pushing back the inevitability of dawn’s awakening. And my mind turns… Read more »

au réveil

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The afternoon sun reaches through the windowpane, light-soaked rays stroking their fingertips over my sleep-warmed skin, caressing me through my quilted cocoon, coaxing me slowly awake.