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Lick His face is burrowed close in to my cunt, his lips push-pull suckling at my clit betwen long wet strokes of his tongue lapping at my cream. I am… Read more »


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Trituration Knees up, thighs splayed wide, my slippery wet is overriding my fingers’ desperate attempts to unhood my clit. He is between my knees, kneeling, pushing his ringed hardness (Where… Read more »


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I remember our first discussions about anal sex. His hesitancy.  The curiousity, tinged with pre-emptively contingent BUTs. His knee-jerk reaction to a question I hadn’t even posed.  “I don’t want to… Read more »

Naked Eyes

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His fingers push and flex, scissoring their stretch against my tender swollen folds; mine press and swirl, rocking my sensitive clit against my pubic bone.  My cunt is dripping our… Read more »

By The Skin Of My Teeth

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I use my teeth. On his cock, with barely-there scrapes upward over the head, soothed over with a swirl of tongue before again swallowing his length; with suction-cheeked molar grips… Read more »


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“I’m hungry.” It’s a simple enough statement, but laced between those three plain syllables are intricate layers of delectable need:  the need to taste, the need to be filled, the… Read more »