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“I’m hungry.” It’s a simple enough statement, but laced between those three plain syllables are intricate layers of delectable need:  the need to taste, the need to be filled, the… Read more »

Over You

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Come here, love. Kneel. Push your shoulders between my thighs and let me drape my legs over you. Let the relaxed weight of bent-splayed desire guide you downward. Feel the… Read more »

Cumming Clean

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My muscled walls, dripping from our combined release, clamp against his cock as he pounds his steady demanding rhythm inside my cunt. My fingers slip, grasping for purchase between my… Read more »

Pushing Past

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He is there – on his knees, his face buried in my pussy – at my request. “Come here and give me an orgasm,” I’d said, and that is exactly… Read more »

The Game

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He is over me, his weight carefully balanced to press me into the ground without crushing me, his hands holding my wrists above my head, his feet wrapped around my… Read more »