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Brass In Pocket

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Hot silk and velvet steel. The descriptor whispers through my mind as I gently control the trail of my fingers over his heated flesh, hands stroking his sensitive skin, eliciting… Read more »

Fuck Toy

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There is a certain delight I take in using a man for my pleasure. It’s something I’ve used only a choice few males for in my sexual explorations thus far… Read more »

Learning a Lover

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It is a beautiful unfolding, this process.  Like so many sexual petals unfurling.  It is an exquisite evolvement, a fragile flowering. Learning a lover. It is one of my favorite… Read more »

Cock Size: Does it matter?

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I’m going to let you in on two pieces of wisdom here, people: Cock size matters. It matters in a different way than you’ve been conditioned to understand.

Skype Sex

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I watch his hand glide, slow and tight, all the way to the base of his cock before sliding up again, and when he pushes his swollen head against his… Read more »