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Three-Ring Circus

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NOTE/WARNING/DISCLAIMER:  This post is about dicks.  Specifically, about how I prefer to use cock rings on the dicks I play with.  To be perfectly clear, I do not care about… Read more »

Pleasure Tools

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I am laid out on the bed in queenly repose:  sprawled, reclined, one hand tracing my tattoo, the other running fingers through hair still wet from the shower.  My skin… Read more »

Fun Factory

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I went toy shopping. For Christmas. For ME! It thrusts, yo.  And can we say, “Ruffles have ridges”? *distracted sigh* More to cum… 😀

One Helluva Ride

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I am awash in sensation, my nipples pebbled wantonly against the soft cotton of my sundress.  Lucchese leather dress boots decorate my legs…which are pressed together at the knee…forcing my… Read more »

Adamantine Amor

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Shatterproof, I am not. I am melancholy.  Restless.  Unfocused.  I crave the heat of physical touch but am burned to ash by emotional connection. I am a tempered, crackled pane,… Read more »