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Adamantine Amor

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Shatterproof, I am not. I am melancholy.  Restless.  Unfocused.  I crave the heat of physical touch but am burned to ash by emotional connection. I am a tempered, crackled pane,… Read more »

Numb Knees, Back Rubs, And Assgasms

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(Thank you, G.  Without your enthusiastic participation in our erotic exchanges, this blog post would not have come to be.) The pain in my lower back was quickly overriden by… Read more »

LeLo PicoBong

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Some women go their entire lives without ever experiencing one. Others have only the intermittent pleasure. A few will try several different options but never really get the gratification they… Read more »

The Bare Necessities

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Ahhh, summer… A time for vacation… I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to packing, and I’m always careful to travel with only the bare necessities.  Since Mr. Fever and I… Read more »