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Somehow, I think the friend who sent this to me might be a little concerned about my sex life.  The Mister has been working over time…just not under me.  😉… Read more »

Hot Toddy

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“Beck’s at O’Douls,” Jack Daniels poured. (I’d heard he was a hard liquor, but his tongue sure felt soft.) Is Sutter Home? (Not that I’m wine-ing) “Yes, getting Guiness stout.”… Read more »

Dirty Minds

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Mr. Fever and I discovered a fantastic toy store this weekend (no, not a porn shop) that sold, among other things, sock monkeys and Bettie Page paper dolls. While there,… Read more »

Cooling The Heat

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The soft glide of your cool hardness across my lips gives me goose bumps. My mouth opens as, flicking my tongue to experience your flavor, I draw you in. Stroking… Read more »


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Affectionate, Beatific, Charming, Disarming, Engaging, Flirty, Generous, How many ways can you describe your Impish, Jesting, Knowing, Loving, Mesmerizing, Nuanced, Own, Pixie, Quiet, Radiant, Sardonic, Tentative, Unwavering, Vulnerable, Wiley, X-Rated,… Read more »