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An Ode To Joy

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Um, Everybody…?  Meet Wild. This is Wild, Frompting. Wildly. * * * * * * * * * * AN ODE TO JOY


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Sklor: How’s Zuul? Moi: Sweaty Sklor: Zuul sweat? Moi: The sweat of Zuul Moi: I could bottle this stuff and sell it Sklor: Like Oil of Zuulay The thing is,… Read more »

I am tense… Open… Waiting…

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Up on my toes… It’s been ages since we last played this way. Bent slightly at the waist… But the body remembers. Thighs trembling… And you know I will always… Read more »

Vampire, Not Zombie

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After the uber-preggers phlebotomist emptied my husband’s arm of blood… Me: Do you know your blood type? Smotch: Errr… Me: I think mine is A…? Or something. Smotch: Not sure. Maybe… Read more »