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Welcome to Elust 98

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Black and white


I Talk Sex – Female Sexuality and Education

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

You Don’t Know What Love Is

Writing for Free vs. Getting Paid

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Ropes, Silk, & an Egg


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colorful abstract painting titled "Jeté"

The colors dance behind my eyelids in bursts and swirls, splashing across my vision in vibrant variegated hues.  They overlap and spin, spattering their motley array of vivid brights and fade-in monochromes until, in the imbrication, an abstraction forms.

Joyous saffron, streaking upward in xanthous delight:  head high, arms outstretched, this joyous abstrusion – she, me – leaps across the stage I have created in my mind against the backdrop of pleasure that is my person.

My fingers lead, my body follows; plié, lift, twirl ~ press, bow, repeat.

My clitoris the instrument, my hands the prodigy.

Fingertips setting the tempo, I alone determine the dynamics.  Pianissimo crescendos through to the repeat then begins again… and again… through each movement.  Cut time, three-quarter waltz, invention precedes fugue, and all the while my heart – a metronome – beats erratic time against my pulse points.

I, the maestro in an orchestra of one.

A sonatina solo performer, I – alone – am the principal dancer in this ballet.

The chromaticity intensifies along with my touch, pressure against my pubic bone lighting each tincture to iridescence.  Streaks of color firework through my vision while my fingers paint their music, leading my body in this choreographed carnality.

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In which, I sit on my own face.

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Follow the line of the inside of my thigh, and tell me that isn’t *EXACTLY* what it looks like.

Never let it be said I’m not a woman of many talents.  😛

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SQUIRTING: Questions & Misconceptions About Female Ejaculation

water, flowing into and gushing out of, a lawn sculpture in imitation of squirting


Squirting, sometimes also known as gushing, refers to the expulsion of fluid from the urethra during sexual arousal.  The term is often used, in common parlance, synonymously with ‘female ejaculation’, though analysis has shown there to be a difference between (1) the chemical structure of fluids emitted, and (2) the amount of fluid created, depending on the woman.

There is much debate about both squirting and female ejaculation, which – for education and clarification purposes – I will discuss as separate phenomena for the purposes of this post.

There is also much debate about what, exactly, these erotic fluid emissions are -and- about whether or not the expulsion of said fluids during various stages of arousal** is ‘normal’.

**The use of the word ‘arousal’ instead of ‘orgasm’ is intentional.  It is common for women who squirt to do so independently of orgasm.  Gush ≠ Cum, and while the two may be correlative, this is not always the case.  Equating the two biological responses is a mistake.  Women can orgasm without ejaculation, just as men can; and can, vise versa, ejaculate without orgasming.

First and foremost:  YOU ARE NORMAL.

If you are a female and you experience squirting and/or ejaculate when you are aroused, you are perfectly normal.  If you squirt as part of your orgasm, whether in the lead-up or during climax, you are normal.  And if you have never squirted, have no desire to squirt, and/or are “just not built that way” – YOU ARE NORMAL.

Whether you squirt or not, whether you enjoy squirting or not, whether your experience with squirting has led to great joy or deep humiliation or any combination of emotions in between…  You are normal.  There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with you.

If you have gotten this far, and wish to learn more about squirting/female ejaculation, please keep “normal” in mind and proceed.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER:  This post has been written with positive intentions, for the purpose of clarification and education, and is no way The Last Word on the topic of squirting.  I am not an ejaculation expert, reproductive therapist, medical doctor, relationship counselor, flying trapeze artist, or tantric sex guru.  I do, however, know how to read, how to parse information, how to think for myself, how to be appropriately skeptical of anyone claiming to be ‘The’ authority on any given topic, and how to bake killer chocolate cake.

If you’re good with those qualifications, please read on.

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Naked Eyes

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His fingers push and flex, scissoring their stretch against my tender swollen folds; mine press and swirl, rocking my sensitive clit against my pubic bone.  My cunt is dripping our combined fluids — he has just cum – repeatedly – branding my insides, making me burn even hotter, desperate for my own release — and I am shaking with the intensity of holding back.

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Hands and Knees

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man and woman holding hands over bent knees


Perhaps not quite what you expected?


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